Wreaths move indoors…

Here in the Berkshires there are some wreaths that don’t like to go outside …   They may be right at home in Florida or Hawaii but brrr, too cold here. The insides of front doors, especially in New England where they are seldom used, are a beautiful blank canvas for these wreaths.  Alternatively they can be used as a centerpiece or to surround a glass hurricane holder.

I have been extolling and making lemon leaf wreaths for a long time – some might say too long?  They are easy and fun and can be trimmed in many ways.  As they are indoors, I love to use James Storie orchids or mango callas lilies.  Combined with a checkered bow, they create a merry scheme.

Grapevine wreaths are a blank canvas for this and other designs.  Be sure you wire a hanger on the back.  For the wreath with fresh flowers, I use an Oasis cage wired and hot glued in place – double insurance.

Lemon leaves have a natural burr on the stem that helps hold them in place.  One large bunch ($18 at the florist) will usually made an 18” grapevine wreath.  Like all of mama nature, these leaves ebb and flow and some bunches have lots of large leaves and branches and some not.  What you don’t want are long stems with only a few leaves, so check when you buy them.

The real fun starts after the wreath has dried.  They slowly turn a lovely sage green.  This wreath will now last for several years.  Of course, I am always tired of things before they wear out.

When some of the leaves are pulled out, a space is opened for decorating.  Glue gun at the ready,  choose from a selection of freeze-dried and frankly faux fruits and pods.

I’ve hung the wreath outside for picture taking – and am horrified to see how old this picture is.   Today this door needs painting so badly.  No snaps there now!

With this one, I have removed almost half the leaves.  This uses faux berries, pods, ornaments (I love the satin finish ones from Michael’s) plus narrow scarlet ribbon.

I didn’t worry that the vine shows through as it creates a lighter feeling for all the mass of textures and shapes hot glued on the grapevine

For a garden club holiday benefit with a seaside theme, I created this wreath with its welter of starfish in a sea of pretty moss with berries.  The dried indoor wreaths would also work well in that nasty overheated spot between the door and the storm door.  Nothing fresh to be cooked to death in the sun.


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Leslie Purple says:

    Simply beautiful wreaths you have given me some great ideas I love this tradition with a twist

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