KamillaKamilla’s is a delightfully creative florist in Millerton NY.  It was one of the first shops in what became a Renaissance of this quiet farm community.  Monday, it’s facade was covered with holiday wreaths.

Bay LeavesRosemary wreathTwo lovely simple wreaths – perfect as is – or ready for more embellishments.  Top, immaculate bay leaves ripe for plucking into soups and stews after the holidays.  Equally culinary, super fragrant rosemary, bottom, is a more unusual wreath.



 Juniper and cones


A large wreath of juniper interspersed with pine cones.  Behind the glass, are huge poinsettia plants.


 Balsam and dried pods


A thick balsam wreath is thickly strewn with dried apples, cinnamon sticks, white berries, dried leaves and a bronze bow.

 Mixed firs, cones and twigs

 Twig and Fir wreath


This is the first time I’ve seen twigs used as the radial framework of holiday wreaths.  Two different sizes of twig centered wreaths show combinations of juniper, pine cones, incense cedar and spruce


Mixed firs and scarlet ribbons


Scarlet flowers and a huge velvety bow accent this mixed fir wreath, highlighted with small gold ornaments.
 Lacquered Magnolia

How about red alone?  An ‘inside’ wreath of lacquered magnolia leaves, reminiscent of the gun metal gray wreath from Pergola (see Pergola, Archives, November 2015).

 All dried cones, lotus pods andA smaller, charming, inside wreath is made from dried hemlock and other cones, slices of lotus pods, ornaments, slim branches, and stars.  The colored loops belong to another decoration behind the glass door.

Wood cuts with red ribbons

We’ve come full circle to a simple wreath of off cuts of wood, wired into a wreath and tied with a narrow, jaunty red ribbon.


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Maria Elena Rooney says:

    Susan, love that fire engine red wreath! All kinds of tough tropical leaves here in FL that I can substitute for magnolia!
    Maria Elena

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