What’s in your garden?

 The Barns July MorningWhat’s in your garden?

 Morning in the GardenJuly has been a beautiful month in the Berkshires. It usually gets cool at night so often the mornings are misty and very lovely. We’ve had lots of cool rains, downpours sometimes – here and gone very fast — so everything is lush green.

A Trio of dayliliesA Spider DaylilyTwin day liliesVibrant red daylilies are my delight and July brings them out in full force. Last year the deer culled some budded stems, but this year the daylilies have outdone themselves. You can almost set your watch for a couple of varieties to open on July 1 and others last into early August.

July Lilies July Morning LiliesThis clump of Asiatic lilies is a great joy. They seem to be happy in the garden as the clump grows bigger each year. They also last a really long time with no staking.

Willow TunnelA shady willow tunnel is slowly evolving on a metal pergola. Bought at the Chelsea Flower Show eons ago, the pergola defeated the efforts of the garden workers to put it in straight & perpendicular. Over several years, it became worse. Thinking of what I might do without any cost, I decided on turning it into a willow tunnel using the pruning cuts from a robust willow in front of the house.

Willow Tunnel and the Milk HOuseI ‘planted’ the longest willow branches that I could prune out. merely sticking the cut end into the prepared ground. By the following spring, they, and the white alliums that fill the narrow beds, had sprouted. The the slow process of weaving the strands thought the structure is a meditative task on a pretty morning. Often, hyacinth bean vine and morning glory vine grow on the structure.   These two garden beds are mostly ground covers, persistent weeds, shrubs and a pair of magnificent fastigiate copper beech trees. These trees perfectly suit the scale of The Barns.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. MaryEllen says:

    The garden look great…Love the Willow Branch tunnel. Kudos!

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