Wedding Bells, er….balls!

hanging pressed flower ballsThis website started with “Beginning with a Wedding” ( Archives, September 2012) which celebrated the hard work of Cathy Walsh, Sprout Flowers, Worcester MA.  The only project for the wedding that I created myself were the pressed plant hanging balls which defined the aisle.

fresh primrose plantsAlthough it was January, I stubbornly wanted to press my own flowers.  I began with a dozen primrose plants.  I harvested the flowers into my Manhattan phone directory every Sunday.  By the next Sunday they were almost pressed and dry, and another crop was ready to harvest.

rich purple violetsI also tried out many other purple flowers….pansies, asters and African violets like these from plants as well as cut flowers from the marketplace.  All in the phone books.  Recently some fell out forgotten.

pressed pansies and primrosesEventually, I ordered pressed flowers online from Nature’s Pressed (  They have a big selection of many varieties sizes of flowers.  And they are a lot studier than the DIY version.

orb with purple paperTo make this project, begin with a Styrofoam ball.,  Cover it with a layer of paper brushed on with Modge Podge (Michael’s Crafts).   The solid background hides the white Styrofoam so it doesn’t show between the pressed flowers. The popsicle stick holds the ball while it is being worked on.  That area becomes the top of the ball where the ribbons will be placed.

wedding ball with flowersThe flowers are glued with very small dots of white glue.  The lightest blue flowers are periwinkle delphinium from Nature’s Pressed.  Work the different varieties around the ball until all the surface is covered.

ribbons for ballsThese balls are made on 8” Styrofoam balls and hang with purple ribbon streamers.

purple pressed ballThe finished product was a big success.  Fourteen were made and they were given as souvenirs to the Sunday brunch hostesses as well as the Bride, MOG, and other friends.

bright primrosesThis is a delight project for children to do for Valentine’s Day.  Just choose a size of ball, two or four or six inches, and beautiful flowers and ribbons.  All sorts of colors will inspire yours!




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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Alexandra Donovan says:

    They were wonderful and mine is still going strong! A couple of lost petals but still great.

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