advent calendar with seasonal flowersAfter Christmas, the flowery advent calendar (see “The Holly & The Ivy”, December archive) came down.  I never did put water or water tubes on any of the branches or flowers and it lasted surprisingly well.  It was fun to have something so different in the front hall so instead of replacing the three farm prints usually there, I created a floral wall collage of sorts.

components for collage designThe quarter inch plywood board is painted with metallic Modern Masters Paints (www.modernmasters.com) in a couple of colors including pearl and sage. Still with my lichen log obsession, I corralled a group of branches, mosses and more components to use:  a complete round of bark from an unknown tree but wonderful for it still being a cylinder and very textural; some pressed dock leaves from last summer; dried yarrow, dog’s bane etc.

first components of designUsing the board vertically while remembering to add picture wire on the back, I hot-glued the bark pieces and the stream of small shell pieces (Michael’s Crafts) and used white glue for the pressed leaves.

a stream of pearl-like shellsThe shell pieces are very luminous with their pearl finish complementing the paint finish of the board.

variety of small airplantsAirplants (Tillandsia) are perfect for this kind of hanging.  They are epiphytes and need no soil, just a gentle misting regularly.  They come in many sizes and shapes.

wall hanging with textureThe lichen branch has been added on the left and it becomes a resting place for one small tillandsia cluster.  A long-needled variety with a bloom is tucked  into the tree bark.

fern in a nestStag-horn fern is another epiphyte that can live on a board like this.  I have crafted a nesting place from pieces of bark and a branch, surrounded the fern with a nest of moss and glued the supporting pieces (not near the moss) on the background.

airplants made a wall hangingDo we ever know when to stop?  I think this is it.  The weight of the fern has been more or less balanced by more components on the top left.  This floral collage now cheers the front hall.

Real swallowtail Did you spot the butterflies?  There are two.  Here is one close=up.  It committed suicide in the garage last year so I have immortalized it!


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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4 Responses to Wallflowers….

  1. Mary Jean says:

    Susan, your nature board is absolutely stunning!! Yes, I did spot the two butterflies!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Fantastic! Looks really great and feels very modern. Love it!

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