TomAto, tomaHto..

Susan DetjensYou say tomAto, I say tomaHto… the song goes.  August in the Berkshire has been so heavenly with very cool nights….not totally conducive to yummy tomatoes!

Heirloom tomatoes at Guido'sFlavorful heirloom tomatoes with their wonky looks, sweet fragrance and exceptional flavor are filling the local farmers’ markets. Meatier, much more flavorful than their newer cousins bred for shelf life.

Mrs. Olana's cabinet of tomatoesTomAtoes make a cheery appearance year round in Mrs. Olana’s collection.  From sources all over the world, the iconic tomaHto is inspiration for all kinds of utilitarian pieces.

Tomato TeapotsThese teapots with varying sizes imaginatively use the twining vines as handles and spouts.  The minute one at right has sadly lost its’ tiny lid.

Collection of tomatoesA miscellany including, from left pitcher, salt cellar, butter knife and creamer.  The ‘stem’ on the creamer makes an elegant handle.

Tomato creamer

A creamer entwined in sinuous vines.

Evaporated milk containerThis delightful ensemble, saucer, two handled container and lid, were created to hide a can of evaporated milk.  A genteel mid-century disguise for those who wouldn’t give up their favorite creamer!

Italian hanging tomatoesAn old post is the setting for a charming wall hanging of a tomato vine, found in Italy, along with, on the left, the profile of a tomato ladle.

Tomato salt & peppersSalts and peppers are most often seen in the tomato guise, big, little, paired and not.

Boxes of heirloom tomatoesWouldn’t it be fun if a magic wand would turn all these into ceramic pieces?







About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Leslie Purple says:

    Love the tomatoes how ever you say it. My favorite veggie ceramic however will always be anything Dodie Thayer did…Lettuceware being my favorite. Simply wonderful l

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