Through a glass, brightly….

striking cobalt designs on glassFor contemporary glass artists, the sky’s the limit with imaginative creations.  This is a detail of one of three glass panels exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design ( last autumn.  This museum on Columbus Circle is one of the most consistently exciting spaces in New York City.

art glass gobletsSome of the Goblet Collection of the MAD Museum lives in along a glass stairwall where the light illuminates the vibrant colors and shapes.  Some of the multicolored glass vessels are functional and fanciful. Left, “Bunches of Grapes” by Jean Amann, 1994.  Right, William Gudenrath, “Venetian Dragon Style Goblet”.  I love the tiny figures on the middle goblet for which, sadly, I have no credit.

creative gobletsOthers are delicate designs that are purely decorative.  Left, Rex Trim, “Goblet”, 2002 and Michael A. Fisher, “Passion Called Peace”, 2002.

duo of green glass bottleOnce every colonial New England home had rainbows of colored glass on windowsills.  Sitting in winter’s low sunshine, the colored glass sends beams of dancing color in the room.

ruby etched glassThis ruby etched glass resides in a lovely home on Cape Cod and comes with its own etched leaves.

ultramarine glass with roseThe ultramarine blue glass of this old apothecary jar sets off a luscious rose called “Caramel”.

twisted bottlesThese twisted turquoise bottles once held sake.  How’s that for instant vases?

chartreuse glass circleThis handsome chartreuse glass container was a generous gift from The Plantswoman quite a few years ago now.  It came from the workshop of the renowned Christian Tourtou.  New Yorkers still miss Takashimaya and the  fabulous Tourtou shop there.

Find some glass and light up your windowsill.


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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