The right attitude…

Sunflowers at the BBG Sunflowers dominate the farm fields and farm stands in these waning days of summer.  Their leaves are yellowing but their big heads and dark ‘eyes’ still follow the sun across the fields.

BBG's bronze sunflowersThese are flowers with major attitude!!  They easily dominate any design in which they are placed.  The bronze ones in the photos above were captured much earlier in the summer.

Susan DetjensThis huge variety has a green center, much less startling than the dark centers.  The foliage on these was so nice, I just plopped (highly skilled technique) them in a dark pitcher.  Beware as they age in the vase, they leave a sticky residue of bright yellow pollen on any surface, leaf or table.

Sunflowers and milletBuying zinnias one day, I saw this bunch of dark brown millet with a cluster of a variety of sunflowers.  Nice idea.  Of course, that day I didn’t need them…..this week impossible to find…til…

Susan DetjensVisiting a farm stand in NY state on Saturday, there was the millet but no sunflowers.  Sometimes it takes a large carbon footprint to bring these ideas together again!

Susan DetjensAll the bright faces of many varieties of sunflowers are now floating in the large Simon Pearce dish in the front hallway.  My favorite is the sheepdog of sunflowers – the ‘faceless’ one in the middle – no eyes like a sheepdog.



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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Alexandra says:

    I’ve never seen a sheepdog sunflower! I like the darker ones.

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