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Mardi Gras Float bannerLast week in New Orleans, The Garden Club of America held its annual meeting alongside the Mississippi River in New Orleans. This enormous 3D sculpture of paper flowers changed with the lighting, dressing the meeting and then banquet room with festive flair. The paper flowers, measuring up to three to four feet were made of colored papers with gold trim. The mood changed with each change of lighting.

 Horticultural abundanceRhythm of the Rivers” was the theme of the meeting and the flower show. The flower show truly was the epitome of what an annual meeting flower show should be, showcasing the high standards of the GCA. The horticulture division, in particular, was celebrated for its excellent abundance.

"Purple Rain"Photography Novice AwardCulled from an extensive jurying process, the thirty-eight photographs in seven classes truly echoed “The Song of the South”. This stunning manipulated image won its class and the GCA Novice Award in Photography! Notice that the original image is displayed at the top above the photograph.

Botanical Embellishment  Boxes“Life in the Big Easy” was the title of the Botanical Arts division. These four music boxes are a botanical embellishment class called “ Music of the Night”. Notice the original materials are set forth on a key card by each music box…quite a transformation.

Rhythm of the Rivers Show panoramaThe show was set in a huge ballroom with plenty of room for all divisions. Photography had its own lighting which set off each entry. What you almost can’t see in the foreground of this photo is 5 (of 6) pedestals with floral designs on them. The pedestals are made of plexiglass and totally disappear.

Crescent City first place and Best in Show“Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” – let the good times roll! Ten Floral Design classes showcased designers from all twelve GCA zones. This bustier made of wild rice floated over the floating pedestal and won Best in Show and first in class 1 “Crescent City”.

Mardi Gras Ball First

Munger AwardFirst in “Mardi Gras Queen’s Ball”, this design revealed exquisite plant material from each side, winning it the Dorothy Vietor Munger Award.

"Balconies" Puckett close up"Balconies" Puckett Award“Balconies” asked for all dried material in the design. The bright lime green branch of Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, highlighted with a little red perfectly echoed the traceries of New Orleans’ famous wrought iron balconies, earning it first in its class and the Puckett Creativity Award. We all wished our name was on this!!!

"Bridges" first place“Bridges”, a design in two containers, was staged on a large pedestal 30” wide, the better to highlight the connection between the containers as in this first place design.

"Jazz" first placeThe first place winner of “Jazz”, a rhythmic design, cleverly used not only the tubing for the lyric shape of the design, but also two kinds of fiddlehead ferns to repeat the loop shape for greater rhythm. It doesn’t hurt that they also look like musical notes!

"Tabasco Sauce" winnerA sumptuous selection of vibrant mostly tropical plant material plays out in this winner in “Tabasco Sauce”, a design featuring hot and spicy colors. The rhythm is established by the yellow caning looping around the stately design.

Voodoo first prize headdress designA headdress design was called “Voodoo”.  Every show needs a little mojo!  The head forms were supplied to the designers by the show. This blue ribbon winner masterfully handled the painted plant material to drape and fool the eye beautifully.

"Parade" a horizontal design“Parade” called for a horizontal design which this designer has achieved with great texture, elevating it on an L-shaped piece of plexiglass, to win the class.

Mardi Gras float flowersCongratulations to everyone who participated in this extraordinary Annual Meeting Flower Show – and a big shout out to the Chairman and Committee.  This is my valentine to you!  You WOW-ed us big time in the Big Easy!!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Carole Bailey says:

    You are the sweetest to write up the show so favorably. You forgot to mention your wonderful award. Carole Bailey

  2. Alexandra says:

    I second Carole’s comment! You won a National Medal for innovation and it deserves much congratulations and a post! Looks like it was a great show.

  3. Ann says:

    Love this, congrats on your medal! Is there a way to see the show schedule online?

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