Thanksgiving challenges


Mr GCA and his treesThe week began with the traditional visit to Mr. GCA’s tree farm.  We, along with others, have been culling the big-but-not-giant trees for several years now.  This time we went right to the top – choosing a tall tree to use the top half.

Monday's tree picking

From top of the hand to the shoes = eight feet – you do the math.  Secured by the white tag, our tree was easily marked.  Following our choose-the-tree tradition, Mr. GCA, Lady S and we removed ourselves for a long, luscious, fun lunch.  Done and done.

Birdhouses in the snow

The Cape Detjens arrived the following night before the storm was expected.  Fearing the worst, we arranged to go early in the morning to cut the tree in the – supposedly – dry morning before the snow.  Wrong….  Persevering, intrepid Mr GCA felled the tree to our size requirement. JD&E dragged and it to the car and hoisted it on the rack.  In a slow moving caravan, we retreated to Massachusetts.

Elliot builds a Fort

The extra boughs made a great fort!!  The ‘door’ is even hinged to swing open.

Thanksgiving blackout

By Wednesday evening, we were in a Thanksgiving blackout which lasted until Friday morning.  Candles, lanterns, iPhone flashlights, two fireplaces roaring away kept us partially illuminated and slightly warm.  A marathon Monopoly game kept us amused.

Turkey on the Grill

A place was cleared on the deck for the grill.  The turkey baked (sulked?) for three hours while a variety of stove top burners (thanks for a gas stove) cooked vegetables – baby Brussel sprouts with pine nuts and pomegranate seeds – YUM!  No stuffing in the turkey so jalapeno cornbread was grilled in a pan.  We could barely see what we were eating – probably just as well!!

Measuring the tree

Power was restored Friday morning.  The dishwasher ran non-stop.  Every large plate had been used.  Some were stacked in the garage. The Bride and Groom arrived reinforcing the team to put up the tree which tops off at 14′.

The tree is vertical

How many people does it take to put a tree in the stand?  The tree is vertical.  The trick is to aim it on the spike in the center of the stand (left).

lots of ladders

Lots of ladders were used to reach all the high places.  But the real secret is to decorate the top 6′ with lights and the star before the tree is put in the stand.

Christams tree lights

We used many, many strands of lights.  Going back to the hardware store for more.  Most of them now are LED lights with those awful bright bulbs, so if you don’t like them go buy more.

 The Barns at Thanksgiving

Meanwhile the landscape looked like February.  Best to take a walk…

 King of the Hay Bale

King of the Hay Bales!   Cheers!

About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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8 Responses to Thanksgiving challenges

  1. Karen Detjens says:

    HI Susan , Phil and Crew! What an exciting time you had with the blackout! Your tree is fantastic! Everyone looks great!
    Love to you all from the Oregon part of the family! Karen

  2. Carole Bailey says:

    Happy Snow! Quiet a tree trip. You always figure it out? Carole

  3. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    Love your spirit !!!!!

  4. betsy shequine says:

    Susan: WOW – what a memorable Thanksgiving holiday you had! I guess All’s Well That Ends Well! And it’s all memorialized in Flowerflinging! Nice job.

  5. Alexandra says:

    Looks great!

  6. Kate Kerin says:

    Dear Susan,

    It looks like your Thanksgiving was like mine! Wonderful. Some larch branches came down at Innisfree and they have such a great texture. Silly question, but I was wondering if there is anything special I should do to keep them around for arrangements, or just put them in a dry place where they won’t get bumped. Thanks so much and keep those flowers coming! Such a treat on grey days like this.

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