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Swing Pink InvitationSwing Pink was a wonderful day out in Rumson NJ to benefit the Monmouth Medical Center Foundation. Run by the Women of Wilenz, it centered on a morning of golf, paddle tennis and tennis tournaments followed by a lovely lunch. Some just came for lunch. And dessert…with dessert was the entertainment – yours truly. This Cancer Benefit was to raise money for a GE Breast Imaging system. Over two hundred turned out to support this worthy cause. Hurricane Joaquin shook his angry fist and threatened to cancel it, and then had the good manners to go out to sea.

Susan DetjensThe last post about the Jarrahdale squash was one of the designs.  The request was made to have designs for the holidays, so I chose the 5 big winter ones: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentines Day. The latter so I could end with lots of pink. Many of the guests wore pink and the tables were set around pink azalea topiaries in full bloom.

 designs waiting in the wingsA handsome budget meant that I was able to do two of some of the designs. And since this was entertainment, not much teaching was done. This way I started the design, and through the magic of my flower ninja, The Pinkster, quickly pulled out a finished version. Backstage, The Pinkster went on to create another design in the original container to have for the raffle.

 Boat shaped containerFor Thanksgiving, I wanted to create a table centerpiece that would sit in the middle but be tailored enough for all the good food to surround it. This boat shaped container (www.vasesource.com) allowed all the pies and onion-string beans to cuddle up closely without a problem.

 Thanksgiving FlowersThanks to KM, I bought the flowers from a superb Boston wholesaler. Boston and SF are the best around. Although I ordered quite a lot, I left the materials for the Thanksgiving design to what I saw on the day. Happily, I found the deep plum Yarrow, which led me to the Callas and then the pitcher plant with its burgundy veins. The Grevillia foliage also had a wine staining on its leaf tips. Finally in a basket, the flapjack succulent said “what about me?”

 Thanksgiving Step ONe Thanksgiving Step Two Thanksgiving Step 3The flapjack is definitely out of scale with the other flowers, but for a dining table rather than a flower show, it adds a summing up of the color scheme, great texture and depth.

 New Year's Eve Wreath completeNew Year’s Eve was done in situ. An Oasis cage was wired to the heavy black vine wreath. Inserted in the Oasis were Dendrobium orchids, mini white Callas, green Hydrangea and Galax leaves. Arching over the design was ethereal maiden hair fern giving a lacy shadowing of the design.

 New Year's Wreath BouquetWith permission, I copied one of the creative ideas of Jane Godshalk’s talk at the Newport Show (see: “Jane’s A Natural” July 5 2015, Archives) when she made an accompanying bouquet for each design. Each bouquet echoed some aspect of the design and used the same materials. For New Year’s, I used coiled wire wrapped black midollino sticks to reference the black wreath form. The bouquets were not in the raffle but were sent to cancer patients.

 Valentine's BouquetThe bouquet for the Valentine’s Day design was made from one of the gorgeous, giant pink hydrangeas. In the design, The Pinkster and I had to slim them down and open them up, snip, snip, snip!! Here in all its glory in the bouquet, it was wrapped with a stringing of green and white straws! Congratulations to all on a great event for a worthy cause!!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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