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Fascinating RhythmMrs. Pasadena and her prize winning reporters have shared with me the designs in the GC of Santa Barbara’s delightful GCA Flower Show last week.

From the schedule: “The Garden Club of Santa Barbara takes great joy in choosing the estate, Miraflores, which means, “look at the flowers,” to be the setting for our flower show. This estate is the home to the Music Academy of the West,
one of the world’s
premier classical music training summer programs.

 I've got Rhythm pedestalsJust as the musicians are inspired by the lovely gardens of Miraflores, we are moved by music all around us. We invite you to “look at our flowers,”
listen to the notes of color and sounds of the senses, merging, as they will… into “Fascinating Rhythms, The Music of Flowers”.

Blue Moon first placeAll divisions of the show had classes with delightful song titles. Cut stem classes were titled “Where Have all the Flowers Gone?”. “Sentimental Journey”, by Les Brown/Ben Homer, was the Par Class in Horticulture. This blue ribbon winner in the same division was in the class titled “Blue Moon” by Richard Rogers/Lorenz Hart: three to five rooted plants in a single container not to exceed 16” in diameter.

Its not easy being green  Baylor Novice AwardWho doesn’t remember and love this song which made its debut on Sesame Street? “It’s Not Easy Being Green” by Joe Raposo is the inspiration for a floral design Novice Class for a monochromatic design. Texture is front and center in this Baylor Novice Award winning entry.

Its not EAsy Being Green secondSecond prize in the same class was captured by another textural composition using three vases, a real achievement by a novice exhibitor.

Little Things Mean a Lot  Best IN Show“Little Things Mean a Lot” by Edith Lindeman/Carl Stutz was the spot-on title for the miniature class with this clever (and challenging) staging. Don’t you love the plant material used with the gears? The talented designer said there was no room for Oasis. She used unusual plant material (at least to these East Coast eyes) Adenostoma fasciclatum, Gomphrena “Fireworks”, Sedum, Sempervivum Cobweb, Vitus vinifera (the only dried material).  This exquisite design won Best In Show, Floral Design for these painstaking efforts.

 Me and My Shadow first placeWhat better title for a class using two containers but “Me and My Shadow” by Billy Rose/Dave Dreyer/Al Jolson?
 The two containers that are the same but not create a fascinating reflection of the idea of a shadow.

Me and My Shadow Second PlaceIf you hum the tune, you can almost see these two containers from the second prize winner dancing down the street!!

I've Go Rhythm first placeThis design in “I’ve Got Rhythm” (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin) won its class and garnered the Dorothy Vietor Munger Award and. Rhythm it surely has!!

I've Got Rhythm secondRhythm in this second prize winner is established by the wonderfully curved container and echoed by the calligraphic kiwi vine.

Berlioz Symphony Fantastique ThirdMrs. Pasadena’s own entry was in the class titled “Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique”. The downward thrusting Helaconia has a fantastic, devilish energy all its own and earned it third prize.

 Best in Show & PuckettIn the same class, this entry captured the Harriet DeWaele Puckett Award for Creativity. The audaciously stunning kiwi vine is another calligraphic statement thanks to many sandings and coats of Design Master tangerine paint. The two levels of pincushion protea and the kiwi lead your eye right through the design, establishing rhythm. This designer also created the BIS mini!!

Symphonie Fantastique second prizeAnother extremely creative response to “Symphony Fantastique” which evokes much of the disarray of the music (really scholarly opinion, no?) which is harmonious and dissonant at the same time.

Lush rose centerpiecesLush and gorgeous rose centerpieces for the preview party were created by Rose Story Farm in Carpenteria, while the hard-working Santa Barbara GC members entertained the judges with a lunch and a dinner. Brava and congratulations to everyone who contributed to such a memorable show!!!!!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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