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c House Beautiful

c House Beautiful

Long time followers know that I am fascinated by paint chip cards…think of the possibilities!! Remember “chipped” (Archives )?  House Beautiful magazine has a monthly feature called “Paint Palette” in which the colors of an object, scene, or work of art are sourced to paint chips. In October 2013, it was a head of  Savoy cabbage. This can be a rather interesting way to look at colors in a floral design too.

c Harriet Weiss

c Harriet Weiss

At a lovely lunch for four at Twin Maples late last autumn, this elegant plate of macaron from Laduree appeared with coffee.  iPhones whipped from handbags as everyone exclaimed over their Parisian colors.

Laduree, ParisLaduree in Paris has been making macarons since the 19th century.  Although disputed, Laduree in the 1930’s was the first to make macarons as we often see them – in what could be called a ‘ganache’ sandwich!!  Two macarons are spread with ganache or sometimes jam.  Macarons are not the same as macaroons, but both share an egg white base.

Piles of tulipsMama Nature is color central for flower colors, no matter how much we cross and mix we rarely best her ideas.  Above three colors of tulips and green hydrangea are within the realm of the Laduree colors on the plate.

Susan DetjensThe gleam of a beautiful green tinted Bohemian glass vase from Prague complements this bouquet of our Laduree tulips.

Susan DetjensTwo colors of chocolate complete the Laduree color scheme.  The ceramic vase is a beautiful rich chocolate color in a matte finish and the bamboo sticks are a warm chocolate color.

Susan DetjensGreens play a stronger role in this design with green midolino sticks (www.save-on-crafts.com, www.jamaligarden.com), green hydrangea, pale green carnations and dried ferns.

Susan DetjensI brake for Paper Source stores.  For a paper-holic, the racks of artist’s papers inspire all sorts of projects.  “Macarons” gift wrap makes a perfect setting for any gift. http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/item/Macarons-Wrapping-Paper/3650_043/44375550.html   That charming paper with its real and fanciful colors of macarons could have been the inspiration for last summer’s design of almost all vegetables and fruits.


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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6 Responses to Sweet Inspiration…

  1. Mary Jo Strawbridge says:

    Love the colors and the plate of macarons – have you ever tried to make those little devils As far as I am concerned they are worth what ever the bakery is asking.

  2. Harriet Weiss says:

    Hi Susan….I’ve made it….my picture….your blog…..how perfect is today!! Thanks for using my picture. Harriet

  3. Alexandra says:

    Fantastic post – Love all the colors from all sources!!

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