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Thank you for viewing my blog.  I hope you will join me on this creative journey.  With drawings and photographs, we will travel through all aspects of floral design with something for every level of skill along with posts that are just fun or food or watch this!  To receive them regularly,  please subscribe as well as share flowerflinging with your friends and their friends.

My passion is creating designs and teaching about them.  I am a GCA floral design judge and teach design in lectures, demonstrations and workshops to museums, garden clubs and horticultural organizations across the US.  Creating with flowers is FUN.  As a wise person said, if it isn’t fun, you aren’t doing it right!

Floral design is organic sculpture – that’s the way I see it.  Not only a design in a vase, but on a vase, around a vase, or maybe no vase at all.  Everything is creative grist for this mill.

We live on a dirt road on former dairy farm in the Berkshires.  My other passions are travel (my drug of choice), creating artist’s hand-made books and wonderful food – preferably when someone else is cooking it.  Again thanks for stopping by – cheers!


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  1. Karen Detjens says:

    Hi Susan! Your blog looks great! I am enjoying it! Hope all is well with you, Phil and the crew:) K

  2. Nikki Whittle says:

    Susan, I keep going back and forth between old blogspot and new site. I bought all my oasis wire and now I can’t find that post. Help. I just need to get my tubes and I’m ready to go. Help, Thanks, Nikki

    • Susan says:

      Nikki this was at blogspot on JUly 8 called “Wired”. Good luck and send a picture of the results. Cheers, Susan

  3. Terry says:

    Creativity generates success! Congratulations Susan-it would good to see you both.

  4. Susa,
    I so enjoy your wonderful, and, informative blog. Thank you for sharing your talent and considerable knowledge of plant design. I do look forward to your next creative ideas and the photos of beautiful flowers and design inspiration.
    I should tell you that your brother Donald, first introduced me to your blog when you first began it. I am a painter and my studio is located three doors down from his amazing studio. We have become friend and Donald is kind enough to mentor me.
    Thank you for sharing your neighborhood , which looks peaceful and lovely.

    • Susan says:

      Susan – aren’t you luck to be Don’s neighbor, and visa versa. And now my blog friend. Welcome! Cheers, susan

  5. Sylvia Abbott says:

    HI Susan, I lost your emails when I changed my server and missed you! Sign me up on my new server site!

  6. Thanks to admin for such a awesome blog. I want to share somethingflowers from uk

  7. Georgeanne Rousseau says:

    My first visit to the Philadelphia
    flower show with the best guide in the building. What luck!

  8. Susan Wilcox says:

    I have a bright and cheerful watercolor of three gloxinia in pots hanging in my breakfast room. Painting is about 30″ square. Artist is Detjens. Perhaps it is yours? I’d love to know when and where it was painted. It’s a lovely permanent arrangement, I don’t have to water or dust it. Thanks, Susan Wilcox, Austin, TX.

    • Susan says:

      Susan – yes I did an oil painting of gloxinias that was distributed as a print by the New York Graphic Society. Painted in the early 1970’s in suburban CT. I still have the original painting. Cheers! Susan

      • Cassie Burkert says:

        I recently purchased an oil painting at auction which is signed Detjens, however, it only has 2 pots (one black, one white). Would this be the same painting you described as being disributed as a print by the New York Graphic Society? If not, any information you could provide would be appreciated. Love the painting. Cassie

        • Susan says:

          Dear Cassie The painting reproduced by the NT Graphic Society was of pots of Gloxinia – blues and reds. Not sure which you have but I’m happy you are happy! Cheers, Susan

  9. Sharel Hooper says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for posting the wonderful pictures from Memphis Milano – I so enjoyed clerking for your group and look forward to seeing you again in the future! Sharel Hooper

  10. Maria Elena Rooney says:

    I love this blog!

  11. Beth Herod says:

    As with everything you do, this is great!

  12. Beth Herod says:

    Great site, Susan.

  13. Mimi Michel says:

    Hi Susan – Delightful chatting with you the train today (Sat. 5/9) and seeing the beautiful pictures from Hawaii. And you’ve inspired me to get going on my music blog!

    • Susan says:

      Mimi – tonight’s post is Hawaii – hope you enjoy it. I loved sharing the ride with you. Cheers! Susan

  14. Mary Jo Strawbridge says:

    Dear Susan, Like Sylvia I lost flowerflinging when I changed email addresses would you please sign me up using the gmail address? I miss it.

  15. Mary Watson says:

    Dear Susan, I purchased a large oil on canvas framed painting of Daffodils at a local estate sale, the painting measures 37″ x 27″, the actual art is 30″ x 20″. It is wonderful, there is a reason daffs are called the Happy Flower. Would this by chance be a piece of your original art and if so, when was it done? Thank you for any information you can provide!

    • Susan says:

      Dear Mary – I’ve been away – I’ll check since I painted Daffodils often. Happy flowers indeed! Cheers, Susan

  16. Doreen Banks says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’ve been following your blog for over s year and enjoy it so much, especially since I travel to the Berkshires regularly.
    I have been asked to Chair the Flower Committee for the NOrth Country Garden Club.
    We won’t be doing a show until 2018. I have never served in such a capacity and while I’d like to do it, I feel as if I don’t know enough about flower shows.
    Nevertheless, I’d love to suggest that you come and give a workshop to our club. I’m hoping you won’t tell me you need three years notice.
    The Flower show I’d love to try would be similar to the Art in Bloom exhibit which I saw in North Carolina. It was at the No. Carolina Museum of Art. Of course that involved professional florists, but I thought it would be a great theme for a flower show.
    Anyhow, I have to let the new president know soon and I’m looking for some exciting new idea to push me over the line. I’m hoping you’ll provide it!

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