Summer roadsides

Queen Anne's LaceJuly brings lots of wildflowers to the roadsides around here. Early on sunny mornings, the floral stars are chickory and Queen Anne’s lace.  Their brilliant blue and lacy white line both sides of the dirt roads.  Queen Anne of Britain (1665-1714) and her great grand-mother Anne of Denmark are the namesakes of the flower.  The red dot is a prick of blood from Anne making her lace.

Summer wildflowersFrom the nearest paved road to my house, I collected over 18 varieties of wildflowers to put on the table.  Here they are having a drink.

Milk bottles on the porchThese airy flowers keep things looking cool on the sultry days around here.  Flowers here include red clover, mullein, black-eyed Susan, dock, toadflax, thistle, veronica and grasses.

Mystery wildflowerThere are a lot of no-name flowers.  Well, no-name to me.  The prettiest is this white anemone-like flower.  Six stems rise from a leaf cluster on the main stem and each has the lovely white flower.  Once the flower fades, a fat seed pod is almost as handsome as the flower.

Wildflowers in a rowIt is easy to just replace the flowers as they fade.  After all, they are free and before long, new varieties will appear.

Summer zinna bouquetCutting gardens or local farms supply lots of flowers for bottles.  Zinnias are happy flowers which say summer with their many colors.

Zinnias all in a row

These red-banded pint bottles from a Pittsford NY dairy were a wonderful gift.  When we lived in London, milk in glass bottles was delivered from an electric milk ‘float’, a kind of cross between a Good Humor truck and a delivery wagon.

Summer sunshine and zinnas Summer marches down the table in the sunshine.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Wanda Blanchard says:

    Fantastic as always. In todays post about Roadside flowers, is it just water or a mix of something else that they are drinking up??
    Best Wanda

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