Strolling New York

discarded treesYou know it is after Twelfth Night when these mountains of discarded Christmas trees decorate the streets of New York City.  Despite this wintry image, this past week was early Spring-like for January.  I use the glove criteria.  If I don’t need my gloves, it is definitely balmy.

charming white plantsOn West 28th Street in the Flower District, the wholesalers brought lots of pretty flowers out on the street.  These hydrangea, jasmine, oregano and star of Bethlehem plants looked like the beginnings of a charming wedding bouquet.

variegated carnationsAt G. Page, it was a carnation wonderland, with many interesting varieties.

pink carnationsCarnations have moved on from the days of a lonely flower in a sad bud vase.

luscious colors of carnationsThese have such subtle differences and each alone would make someone happy.

ruffled carnations massedDesigners often mass them together to create colorful textures.

modern carnationsTuesday the workshop participants in Cincinnati will do just that to create modern mass arrangements like this. Sorry not to be with you ladies – have fun! Click this link to my previous post on an earlier site to see more of this style:

winter white textures and colorsNot everything is brilliant color.  Inside G. Page, these winter white leaves – dusty miller – and flowers – white broom might start a stunning silvery bouquet.  (Notice the pop of the same carnations above standing outside the window.)

pressed leaves create charmSpeaking of dusty miller, The Nominator, inspired by “Christmas Balls, Dec post, made the design her own.  She cleverly created three orbs of different sizes and placed them on candle stands of different heights.  Back left uses the dusty miller, while the other two are silver dollar eucalyptus.  They have all dried in place and look quite elegant, don’t you think?.  An easy long-term winter decoration….

quince means springThe appearance of quince gladdens the heart, doesn’t it?


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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4 Responses to Strolling New York

  1. Andrea Stewart says:

    Hi Susan, I look forward to reading your blog,- interesting, beautiful and creative. Wow- I really loved the Twelfth Night watercolors!

  2. Mary Louise Lindenthal says:

    Dear Susan, Enjoyed your demos at headquarters. You had everyone riveted in their seats waiting for the final performance. So glad you enjoyed strolling the flower market post Christmas. You’ve inspired me to head down there tomorrow a.m. I’ve not had much luck with the wire but after your demo will try again. It always seems to bend sharply rather than curve gracefully for me. Many thanks, ML

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