Shangri-La…the horticulture

Shangri-La from the pools to the playhouseAt her home, Shangri-La, Doris Duke loved to combine lush Hawaiian horticulture with Islamic architecture and art. There still are many elegant gardens surrounding the house, right to the water’s edge.

Majesty in the CourtyardShangri-La, the flower show (previous post), drew on this combination to create a Persian Garden in the Museum Courtyard with a Horticulture Class called Majesty. The courtyard was divided into the classic four square pattern with elegant plants of Alcantarea.

 Majesty  AlaccantareaAll the many Alcantarea odorata entries were exhibited in the same 16” pot and were grown beautifully for just over a year.

Shangri-La watercolor signageThe luminous watercolor logo shimmered on all the beautifully designed class signage. Euphoria was the class title for – you got it – Euphorbia.

Shangri-La Euphorbia FirstOver 20 years old, this magnificent, this elegant Euphorbia milii won first place in Euphoria.

 Euphorbia Crown of ThornsSecond place in Euphoria.  I tried to find the variety of this one on Google Images, but none was as beautiful as this plant.

 Harmony TillandsiaHarmony was a class calling for 5 or more varieties of Tillandsia.

 Harmony Tillandsia Second PlaceHarmony, second place was this charming grouping. Exhibitors had to use the same square container as well as some rocks.  Everyone in this class did a wonderful job with such a fascinating variety of Tillandsia.

 Harmony Tillandsia Third PlaceThis third place winner had 9 varieties. I find this fascinating from a design viewpoint. The large Tillandsia on the right shelters the rest of the collection in a dramatic way. (and yes, I know this has nothing to do with plant culture!)

Flapjack Succulent FirstFlapjack succulents, Kalanchoe luciae, are always handsome plants in any container. I loved the way they spread across this low saucer in the first place winner in Elegance.

 Shangri-La Succulents SECONDSecond place in Elegance was this 5 year old, dramatically blooming, Vriesia “Fenestralis’. Lots more horticulture in next Sunday’s post. I’ve saved the BEST for last. Aren’t you envious of this serene, open air staging at the Museum of Fine Arts?


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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3 Responses to Shangri-La…the horticulture

  1. Betsy Shequine says:

    Susan: Very unusual entries! I had to take a screen shot of the kalenchoe! What a beauty. I’m still trying to get mine to turn red-edged. I get a bit more in the summer! Well done!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Flapjacks are beautiful! Plus the twenty year old Euphorbia milii. Wonderful!

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