Shangri-La…the flower show

 Honolulu Museum of Fine ArtsHonolulu’s Museum of Fine Arts was the setting for the Garden Club of Honolulu’s GCA Major Flower Show, Shangri-La. The previous post introduced Shangri-La, the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts, visits to which are administered by the Museum.

 Shangri-La Honolulu Museum of Fine ArtsCurrently in the Museum’s galleries is “Doris Duke’s Shangri-La: Architecture, Landscape and Islamic Art.

 Shangri-La welcome designAnd, for one magical weekend Shangri-La, the flower show. “Our show …draws together the mythical view of Shangri-La and Hawaii’s uniqueness in expressing those qualities.

 Shangri-La coverBeginning with its ethereal watercolor ‘logo’, Shangri-La explored the many facets of the theme. From the schedule: “Shangri-La is a mythical place but many seek to find it. Its elusiveness makes it intriguing. It is the place of legends, a utopia, a refuge, a joyous hideaway, a paradise. Its the inspiration for personal quests.”

Shangri-La and breakwaterA confluence of three Shangri-Las, the Museum exhibit, the GCH Flower Show and Doris Duke’s home, paired the lush tropical landscape of Hawaii with a fascinating look at Islamic art.

 Shangri-La Challenge Class and CourtyardThe Museum sprawls over a series of courtyards and galleries providing a wonderful setting for all the divisions of the show. In the central courtyard, a Persian Garden was created with this staging and the results of a horticulture challenge class featuring Alcantrea odorata. These 13 month old plants provided an elegant way to divide the space into the quarters of a Persian garden. (More horticulture in the next post, promise!)

 Shangri-La Dream TextileOnly one Floral Design class titled “Dream” called for an interpretation of an object, this beautiful textile in gold and red from the Museum’s collection.

 FENWICK Medal DreamFirst in the class and the Fenwick Medal winner was this handsome design of stunning textures and rhythm, and created by one of the show’s Chairmen!

 Shangri-La Dream SecondShangri-La Dream ThirdSecond and third in Dream, respectively, were earned by these imaginative designs. All the designers picked up on the circular forms and vibrant reds of the textile.

 Waterfall First placeWaterfall inspired great flights of creativity. This striking design won first in the class. It features manipulated black mitsumata branches with a cascade of pristine phalenopsis orchids.

 WaterfallSome of the other entries in the class are visible in this photograph. Isn’t it a pleasure to see how wonderfully different and creative they are?

 Symonds MedalGCA’s prestigious Ann Clover Symonds Medal for an innovative design using man-made materials and fresh and/or dried plant material was awarded to this exciting first place winner in Horizon. The clarity of the forms creates a strong circular rhythm.

Horizon Second Place Horizon ThirdBoth these designs showcased the brilliant coloration of the wealth of flowers in Hawaii. Top, second place, and bottom, third place, made Horizon a very strong class.

 Shangri-La Spirit SecondElegantly classic in color and textural contrast, this sleek design in Spirit was awarded second place.

Shangri-La Best in Show SwiftThe first place in Spirit was captured by this striking design with its fantastic, dynamic tension. It went on to win Best in Show and the Carol Coffee Swift Award for recognition of an exhibit of great distinction. Congratulations to all the designers!!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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