Shangri-La…Old Friends

Shangri-La coverThe Par classes in a flower show schedule celebrate those plants which don’t fit in another class in the schedule. In the Shangri-La Schedule, the Par class was called Longevity. It had three divisions, depending on the length of ownership of the plant, 1 year or more, 5 years or more and, also called Old Friends, 15 years or more!

Longevity Novice Award Sanseveria cylindricaLongevity was staged around the main courtyard of the Museum of Fine Arts, Honolulu. Convenient parapets were just the right height to stage the plants.  In the back is the brilliant lighting of the stage.  An Old Friend, this 16 year-old Sansiveria cylindra won the GCA’s Novice Horticulture Award.

Longevity Deuterocohina first“Full sun by the ocean” were the growing conditions for this Old Friend of 15+ years, Deuterocohnia brevifolia earning it a blue ribbon.

 Betty Ho Horiculture AwardBetty Ho was a GCHonolulu member who loved to grown Bromedliads and had a large collection in her garden in Nuuanu, where its is rainy and lush. The award above spells out the criteria but my correspondent adds: “ As forgiving as we are with all friends that show fine lines of time, the grooming should be as flawless as possible.”

 Shangri-La courtyard at night with exhibits in PARThe Betty Ho Award went to this 25 year-old Vriesea sp, photographed climbing against the night sky of the courtyard. The comment read ..Congratulations on having your plant bloom for your show”.

Vriesea 'FenestralisAnother stunning Bromeliad, Vriesea “Fenestralis’ which won a blue ribbon.

 Peperomia blandaA 20+ Old Friend, Peperomia blanda obtusafolia var. floribunda grown inside in bright light, but not sun.

 NeoregeliaA blue ribbon for Neoregelia var. ‘Osser’, 5 years old, and grown in the shade.

Clivia miniata var. citrinaAt 11 years-old not an Old Friend yet, but a lovely plant of Clivia miniata var. ‘Citrina’.

 Shangri-La Best In ShowBest in Show was captured by this 6 year-old Pachypodium rosulatum, grown in full sun.

 flying homeFinally it was time to say Mahalo, Garden Club of Honolulu, for the most special Judging experience ever!!

 arriving homeEventually I came down to earth!! Cheers!

About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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2 Responses to Shangri-La…Old Friends

  1. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    In the 70’s, I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and still miss the wonderful and beautiful plants I could grow !
    Loved your pictures and know you must have had a fabulous time !

    • Susan says:

      Hi Sarah – We used to go through Hawaii in the late 1970’s enroute Tokyo to the US and always loved being there. It is so different now in Honolulu at least!! Cheers, Susan

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