Reflections from Pasadena

Darryl Banta

Darryl Banta

Thanks to the loyal support and reporting of Mrs Pasadena, we can share the beauties of the Pasadena Garden Club’s Centennial Flower Show.  Congratulations to PGC for achieving this milestone!

 Pasadena Public Library

The show, named Reflections, was held in the beautiful Pasadena Public Library.  This handsome building was designed by PGC founding member Myron Hunt in 1924 and opened its doors in 1925.  The PGC has always had a special relationship with the library.  The club’s centennial gift will include landscaping the Library gardens.

Pasadena Traditional arrangement First

In a class called The Entry Hall … “the first room is often the most lovely”, the designer of this sumptuously lovely traditional arrangement took home a First, Best In Show and the ZXII Novice Award .  What incredibly beautiful roses!!

Pasadena GC Munger and Baylor


 Curled vines and vineyard

Plein-air Palette … ” the act of painting art outdoors is like a dance” called for a miniature design (not greater than 5″ in any dimension) staged on a 2″ lucite cube in a gold framed niche supplied by the committee.  The masterly handling of the fresh flowers  earned this novice (!) designer the GCA Sandra Baylor Novice Floral Design Award and the Dorothy Vietor Munger Award.

First Hat Anthurium Pine needles

 pine hat textural detail

At the risk of using a poor image, I’m including the detail shot to show the incredible craftsmanship of this first place winner in Remembering SouthLake Avenue …  a great hat speaks for itself”.  The black hat is made from woven pine needles!

 Pasadena Hat Succulents

 Pasadena Succulents hat side view

Second place went to this ethereal creation using succulents and Spanish moss, which is in the Tillandsia family.  More of the stunning library is visible in these photographs.

Pasadena Book Ends Croton and REd

 Book Ends silver and red

 Book Ends Yellow and Orange

Book Ends Pink Orchids

My favorite class was Book Ends … like book ends we support each other”,  a design in two containers.  What a truly creative group of designers!!

 Botanical Arts Art Deco necklace

The Botanical Arts division was called Pasadena Gems.  This Art Deco necklace won its class and the GCA Botanical Arts Creativity Award.

 Pasadena Crown BA

A lovely crown winning another class in Botanical Arts called Crown City … people will always watch you, make it worth their while” (Harry Winston).  

 Needle Arts FiirstNeedle Arts were not forgotten either.  Arroyo Beauty… a doorstop inspired by the La Casita del Arroyo gardens.  The show supplied a blank canvas and did the finishing.  All this first-prize loveliness was created by the designer.  Happy Birthday Pasadena and thanks Mrs. P.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. betsy Shequine says:

    Susan: These were among the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen. MUst have been an excellent show. but, then, I’ve got such fabulous memories of Pasadena!

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