Rainbow boxes

colorful zinniasZinnias are the essence of August with their non-stop blossoms and bright Crayola colors.  Perfect for sparking rainbow boxes of color.

Duryea's Starch boxLast week’s eggplants have given way to six drinking cups, each filled with water nestled in the Duryea’s Satin Gloss Starch box.  I’ve had this wooden box for so long I don’t remember where I found it.  Probably at one of those ‘antique’ malls that are huge resale shops, not too long on the antique, but long on the used and old….much more my $tyle.

Orange zinnia bouquetsThese gorgeous days languidly rolling out at the end of summer bring delightful mixed bouquets at the local farmer’s markets.  Oranges, yellow and cream in zinnias, cockscomb and tithonia make up this pair.

Warm reds and purple bouquetsReds, oranges, pinks and purple with tiny white heads of ageratum invite themselves home.  Zinnias, cleome, verbena bonariensis and two colors of salvia make up these bunches.

Yellow and pink bouquetsNow this bunch with its strident yellows with pink makes me think of supermarket bunches put together by the color-scheme-challenged.  Yellow and pink is a tough scheme to pull off.  The yellows of zinnia and celosia do nothing for the pink zinnias and blue ageratum.

Rainbow zinnias on the  floorTwo bunches of orange purple and one bunch of orange pink sitting on the floor for a long cool drink of water.   Most of these summer flowers are not too happy in Oasis and are best arranged in cool water.

Mixed zinnias in a boxUsing the water-filled cups in the starch box, first put in all the zinnias, distributing them by color throughout the box.

Susan DetjensAll the medley of purple and blues – verbena, ageratum, cleome, scabiosa, salvia, and snapdragon – fill in the rainbow of colors.

Susan DetjensThe combinations can be changed forever!  Here the colors are separated into the cups with the warm oranges shading to pink in the front and the purples hovering over them.

Susan DetjensMoving the cups around to two rows of orange and reds with pinks behind and only a little purple.  Which one do you like?





About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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3 Responses to Rainbow boxes

  1. Nikki Whittle says:

    I love the middle one, but I am partial to purple

  2. Alexandra says:

    A BIG fan of all the purple and orange! Very inspiring

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