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dock leaf on artist's paperOne unique area of botanical art centers on images created by printing directly from Mama Nature using a leaf as the plate.  The effort above is from a multi-media course I took a couple of years ago.  Taking a dock (Burdock) leaf, pressing it and pasting on a piece of cardboard, the results can be inked and printed on fabric or paper.

Gallery at Lyman Plant CenterAt the Smith College Botanical Garden, artist Leonore Alanitz takes this simple procedure and elevates it to wonderful art.  “College Mums” (see Archives, November 2012) visited the annual chrysanthemum show in the Lyman Plant House.  In the adjacent Church Exhibition gallery, above, is a delightful show of botanical prints on view until February 10, 2013.

Kale printHas a piece of kale ever looked so beautiful?

Fennel printA stunning print with the lacy fronds of the fennel spreading across the page.

Multi-color kale printNot all the prints were black and white.  This beautifully colored print creates a wheel of kale fronds.

Print of sage leavesNot all the leaves printed were huge.  This print is a delightful scattering of sage leaves creating a lively rhythm across the page.

Leaf stampsThis is fun to try at home.  Small leaves like sage leaves can be inked on a stamp pad.  Or use beautiful leaf stamps themselves.  These are from Paper Source  As always, have fun!


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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3 Responses to Print that!

  1. Alexandra says:

    Love it! Veggies never looked so good. You keep coming up with new and unique ideas to post. So creative!

  2. Karen Detjen says:

    Hi Susan! I love looking at your blog:) The decorated ball idea is so cool. I would like to try something like it with my students…are pressed flowers expensive?? Hope all is well with you guys back there on the East coast! Love Karen

    • Susan says:

      Hi Karen – Pressed flowers aren’t too expensive. A number of years ago we worked with a library summer reading program and the kids made decorated bookmarks with the pressed flowers. Nature’s Pressed is good but maybe others are less expensive? Cheers, Susan

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