Postcards from the Journey

GCA Annual Meeting logoPostcards from the Journey was the name of the GCA Annual Meeting Flower Show, held in Minneapolis MN May 20-22 at The Depot, a former train shed for the Milwaukee RR Line.  It perfectly exemplified the annual meeting theme – Journey to the Heartland – Sky Blue Waters, Amber Fields, Green Forests.

 First & M J Garre Award

Amber Waves called for a Synergistic design  (three or more containers which together make a unified whole).   This imaginative first place design used repeating ‘containers’ crafted from corrugated paper, along with sunflowers, lilies and protea.

Amber Waves Second Synergistic

Second in Amber Waves was this striking design of several kinds of Alliums, which are members of the onion family.  In the intent, the designers explained that Chicagou was the Native American name for field of wild onions.  Present day Chicago was the site of those fields.

 First Park Pleasures Park Pleasures Second

Obviously two different views of Park Pleasures,  a functional table depicting a picnic set for two under the trees.  Top, first place, an immaculate elegant picnic worthy of Downton Abbey was in direct contrast to, just above, a wildly creative picnic catastrophe with tree which placed second. Platforms for the staging were just 6″ off the floor.

Distant Lights First

Distant Lights, a class exclusive to Zone XI, required a contemporary design inspired by a named city.  First place, here, was inspired by Minneapolis, the home to the Target Company.

Second Distant Lights

Second in Distant Lights was this complex design with a myriad of fascinating plant material (the list was long) that was worked in and out of the many vertical forms of the plexi-glass containers.

First Show shoes

Perhaps this was the first sighting of snowshoes in a GCA flower show?  Natural Pursuits was a class honoring walking, hiking, fishing and other pastimes in the great outdoors.

 Second Fishing

Who wouldn’t have wanted to go fishing with a creel as pretty as this one in Natural Pursuits which won the Sandra Baylor Novice Award.  Unfortunately all the laurels crowd the original design. Big ribbons are fun but sometimes they take up a lot of room.

 Puckett Award

Second and the GCA Harriet DeWaele Puckett Award went to this imaginative entry in Blue Sky Waters.  What didn’t reflect in this photo was the tiny amount of blue wire in each opening of each of the three vases which caught the light.

 BIS Blue sky waters

Painted fasciated willow and almond branches were used in and out of water in this underwater design which won Best in Show and first in Blue Sky Waters. 


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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