Postcards from the Heartland

GCA Annual Meeting Scarf

Sunny yellow aprons and this bright beautiful scarf greeted delegates to the GCA Annual Meeting and its’ flower show, Postcards from the Journey.

AM flower show Horticulture

Lots of gorgeous horticulture was presented on these handsome black tables in The Depot, the meeting headquarters.

Propagation Class winner

This trio of plants garnered almost all of the awards.  In my reporting zeal, I lost sight of which card went with which plant.  Here is a perfect storm of Beattie, rear plant,  and what I thought was the Willemsen, this topiary, but which might be the begonia barely peeking in on the left.  Someone might be able to recognize the colorful award certificate?

Catherine Beattie Medal

Another glimpse of the elusive begonia, but the star of this shot is the Catherine Beattie Medal winner, a 10 year old Deuterocohnia brevifolia.

Class 36 third

 striped aloe

These two other succulents caught my eye.  How very very gorgeous!!!


This lemon  scented geranium was another big winner, and this certificate will surely be recognized?  GCA Rosie Jones Award?

AM Awards Stage

In a lovely departure, the Awards Dinner dais was surrounded by horticulture in the pots – arborvitae and spruce behind the dais and before it, rows of grasses against a soft blue LED light display which was not as harsh it it photographed.   LED lights to tend to jump in the camera.

 Awards Dinner centerpiece

Awards Dinner logs

Centerpieces were immaculate birch logs with drilled holes filled with a variety of plants, each table very different.  What fun they must have had putting them together.


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