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Jane Godshalk

Jane Godshalk

March in Philadelphia means the Philadelphia Flower Show and “Bouquets in Motion”, the exciting floral design workshops run by Jane Godshalk and Cres Motzi.  These talented teachers and their workshop have a devoted following.  The idea for today’s post on pick-up sticks comes directly from attending the workshop last March.

Chartreuse Fiber STicks

These chartreuse fiber sticks are 26” long and come in a variety of colors.  The wholesale source Accent Décor has them www.accentdecor.com.  The rest of us can go to save-on-crafts but sadly they do not have the same variety of colors. http://www.save-on-crafts.com/fibersticks4.html

Colorful cable tiesCable ties in a variety of lengths are available at most hardware stores.  Home Depot has this colorful selection above as well as single packs of white and black.  For more colors and more sizes, the web is the place to find them.

Fiber sticks and ARS sawThese fibrous sticks, ha-ha pun intended, are best sawn with this ARS folding saw available on Amazon.com.  http://www.amazon.com/ARS-Pruning-Folding-Turbocut-SA-GR17/dp/B0009XAHL0   This Japanese saw works with a pulling motion, rather than an away motion like US saws.  It will cut tough bamboo with ease.  I’ve made a rough triangle of the sticks, attaching them with the cable ties in a similar color.

Fiber sticks on a glass vaseThe cable ties slip together with the bent end fitting into the flat side of the other end, once the end is through it will grab and hold.  You can make it tighter but not loosen it. The ‘tails’ can be clipped or not – your choice.  I’ve balanced the sticks on top of a smoky glass vase and begun to add more sticks.

Glass with chartreuse sticksThis is a great trial and error process.  Easiest to cut the cable ties with your flower clippers as they are pretty tough plastic.  I’m keeping this shape pretty simple.

Susan DetjensWhite iris and the contrast of a feathery fern emerge from the confluence of fiber sticks creating an organic counterpoint to their severe geometry. How’s that for a pretentious description?

Susan DetjensNow the design is both softer with the addition of agapanthus and lily grass and more dramatic with the contrast of complementary colors — purple and yellow.

Jute sticks in purple Save-on-Crafts also sells a 28” long jute stick that is more delicate with a quarter-inch diameter.  It is a nice dark purple not the almost hot pink it looks here, and it cuts easily with flower clippers.

Susan DetjensA tall container barely 3” square holds a more complicated structure.  I’ve left the tails for interest and used purple iris, a single tulip and yellow freesia.  Go pick up your sticks!


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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