Pergola New Preston VillageNestled in a charming Connecticut hamlet called New Preston, is the garden shop Pergola. It is owned by near neighbors of mine and, prejudice aside, it is a real gem. Vaut le voyage!

Pergola New PrestonThe shop rambles on two floors through several connected buildings filled with delights for armchair gardeners, amateur gardeners and lovers of great shops.

Pergola Magnolia Wreath with Kwan YinJust one of the astute and sensitive groupings in the shop exhibits a gun-metal painted magnolia leaf wreath, a delicate statue of Kwan Yin. Grey Brunia flanks the wreath on one side, while a tiny ancient Japanese copper hibachi, worn through in a most decorative way, sits on the right.

Pergola Cardboard sculpted frameThis is one of two mirrors, surrounded by intricately patterned corrugated cardboard. Isn’t it marvelous?….like a contemporary version of tramp art.

Pergola Daylily sunburst Pergola Daylilies, royal fern, pine conesIt takes more imagination than I have to think of using daylily stems to fashion this intricate medallion. The center is highlighted with spent calyxes, dried royal fern and pinecones.

 Sage smudge sticksWhite Sage Smudge Sticks – aroma therapy!!

 Pergola branch wreath and orchidsAnother beautiful assemblage – wreath of very fine sticks (most likely birch) with pots of orchids, translucent decoupage plates and paper weights, including one plate with a big luna moth.

Pergola Fern with FunghiA lush fern (or two) in a box with dried tree funghi, intricately swirled in striking patterns. These look almost like seashells.

 Pergola Tiny Tiny BegoniasTiny, tiny begonias nestle in hand thrown pots.

Pergola 19C Japanese DrumA Taisho-era Japanese drum collected by the owners on one of their yearly trips to Kyoto is the focal point of this group.

 Pergola Coffee vine as a door lintelArmchair shoppers should delve into the beautiful photographs of David, Peter, the shop and their travels on their website


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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