Peony Perfection

Peony nurseryCricket Hill  in Thomaston CT is only a short hop from Lady S in Litchfield.  I went there one very sunny day to see what their Peony Festival. This famous nursery specializing in peonies is located on a suburban road in Thomaston CT.  Many of the neighbors have lovely peonies in their yards too!

White glass sculpturesThe seven acre property descends a hilly slope and culminates in a large pond, barely visible right, home to many loud bullfrogs.  It is dotted with Chihuly-esque glass sculptures punctuating the island beds of the peonies.

Red peoniesThe recent violent storms have played havoc with these fragile blossoms.

luscious yellow peonyTo cope with this, just as they do in Asia, fragile blossoms are sheltered under Japanese umbrellas.

Peony Straw boatsThis striking color combination is called “Straw Boats”.  Perhaps the original Japanese name is more melodic for such a beauty.  There is one on the website but not as pink as this called “Daoist Pills in a Jade Stone”, the pills are the pills of immortality – but you knew that didn’t you?

Peony island bedsThe umbrellas are being constantly moved as the peonies bloom and fade.

Butterscotch peony bushThis was one of the few bushes left just reaching its peak and unharmed by the weather or anything else.

Peony bush closeupA fuzzy closeup of the flower with its smoldering heart, called flares, and blush tipped petal edges.

Peonies with pink glassMore glass and parasols…

Peony 'Pea Green'My visit coincided with the beginnings of herbaceous peonies blooming.  This fat lime beauty is called “Pea Green”.

Peachy peonyProbably my favorite variety of the day’s offerings for its rich peach color, unique compact form and scattered golden stamens around a closed center.

Cricket Hill with green glassWhy not plan your own visit?


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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