Paper weaving…

gloriosa and paper

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At the March 2013 session of Bouquets in Motion in Philadelphia, workshop leaders, Jane and Cres, showed us how to work with copper mesh grid to create  a perfect surface to embellish with paper.

Artists' papersArtists’ papers are torn against a metal edge.  This creates a softer edge than cutting with scissors.  Doing this takes some time but the effect is great.

Weaving paperFor the Walters Art Museum, multicolored papers, yarns and ribbons captured the multicolored painting.

Colorful design with liliesRothschild lilies, Gloriosa superba, were tucked into tubes and placed in the folds of the design.

GCA Annual Meeting designAt the GCA Annual Meeting, four textured black papers were used with yarn, gutter guard strips, and satin ribbon to create a monochromatic background with lots of texture.  A stripe of red and orange gloriosa lilies marched down the center with steel grass woven in for depth.

C frameBeing a paperholic, I couldn’t resist trying the idea in one more permutation.  For an exhibition design at the Litchfield Garden Club’s Centennial Flower Show this month, I recycled the grid from Philadelphia and slid it on the frame Mr. Welder made for me for a WAFA show in Washington DC.

June flowersThis time out the scheme is silver and gray papers with a real June color scheme of purple allium, dendrobium and dahlia with pink mini callas, lime green amaranth.

Floral arcThe floral material takes the lead this time with the paper as the background.  The joy of an exhibition design is the freedom to experiment without worrying about being judged.


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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