Night Lights

Susan Detjens

Susan Detjens

Earlier this week in New Hampshire at the GC of Dublin, we had fun trying out the submersible LED colored lights in a rose bowl vase. Using these lights with ‘water pearls’ has been an on-going project this year.

Water Pearls in Vancouverflowerflinging followers might remember these water pearls surfaced in Vancouver BC in January in a workshop with the fantastic Hitomi Gilliam (see “Working It” January 2015 Archives). The pearls reflect the green Oasis layer under them in this ceramic container (there is no light source).

Water Pearl BeadsThis jar is full of Crystal Accent Deco Beads and makes 6 gallons of the pearls!! Versions of these polymer beads are all over the Internet. They seem to vary widely. This brand is for the floral industry. These beads start out as small as the head of a pin. Many brands are used in the nursery trade to keep plants hydrated, some come already hydrated and some come in colors, and some in cubes.   Just read the labels to check them out.

GCA Annual Meeting Blue lightsLights and mirrorFor GCA Judges dinner in Rochester NY, blue and purple submersible lights (Michael’s Crafts) were used. The result was not as garish as this appears in the photograph, but a softer blue/violet glow reflected in the mirror circles.

Pearls with blue lightsAt a different event in Virginia, Tasha Tobin of Hedge Fine Blooms in Charlottesville used shallow Lomey dishes ( filled with pearls, lights and peonies.  Above is a similar design which used a blue hydrangea. Of course this one didn’t look like this either, the camera seems to magnify the color as you can see with the hot spots.  You would need about 6 lights to get this intensity of color.

Watery HydrangeaUsing a clear ‘white’ LED light with the hydrangea gives more of the idea of the softer glow of all these lights. Since hydrangeas take up water in their petals as well as the stems, they last quite well in this shallow container.

Dahlia in DublinFast forward to Dublin NH last Tuesday – using a very simple rose bowl, the last of the pearls – these have held their hydration since May! – and a purple and a blue light. The magnificent pink striped dahlia came from a generous MGC members garden. How simple is that?


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Ginnie says:

    Make sure you keep them away from your drains, especially the one which have not been hydrated. Plumbers love them and give them lots of business.

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