More Magnificent Memphis!

Flower Show Schedule

More of the magnificent Memphis Flower Show!  Unfortunately, I had to run away after the judging so I was unable to see the Horticulture which got raves – apologies to my Horticulture followers.

Parisian People First

“Parisian People” was the class, and full of talent it was!!  Paul Helleu’s “The Final Touch” 1885, was beautifully and so creatively interpreted by the dynamic MGSL duo to win both Best in Show and the prestigious GCA Fenwick Medal.  Brava – ladies!!!

 Parisian People

Same class, and with more grace than the poor soul on the bed in Forain’s “After the Ball, the Reveler” 1882, the design  takes advantage of the lyrical beauty of the bi-colored Anthurium.  The lovely washi paper echoes the bed linen.  It was preceded by an absorbent diaper catching the drips before the design was finished!   Good tip!

 A Modern STill Life

Georges Braque’s “Pot of Anemones” 1925, evoked in a handsome modern mass design, asymmetrically placed on a metal rod and base in a class called “Modern Still Life”.

Pointillism Fist

The infinitely rosy tones of Maximilien Luce’s “The Cathedral at Gisors” 1989, in “Pointillism” caught by the many tiny flowers trailing down in this luscious cascading design.

Ladies Mary Cassatt First

Mary Cassatt’s “The Visitor”, 1880,  was a portrait of her sister Lydia.  The modern mass design will be dissected in a future post!

Ladies Rouart Second

In the same class as above, called “The Ladies”, was this was Rouart’s “Woman Playing the Guitar” 1885,  the designer chose to use a bold frame to evoke not only the frame of the painting but also the many frames behind the sitter.

The Normandy Coast First

 The Normandy Coast First Detail

This stunning design interpreting Monet’s “Port of Dieppe” 1882, received the GCA’s Margaret Clover Symonds Medal.  Inquiring minds wanted to know how this beautiful painting of the leaves was achieved!!

 The Normandy Coast Second

A real departure for Renoir, “The Wave” 1882, and a most interesting design using orchids and what look’s like beautifully manipulated red twig dogwood.  This post and the previous post are both dedicated to terblan with sooooo many thanks!!!!!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Terry Blanchard says:

    Terblan accepts with great pleasure!

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    Fabulous !!

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