More flowers from Holland

 Bouquet on tiles

In Holland you are never far from a bunch of flowers!  They come in many forms and many media and spread happiness and good cheer.  Twenty-four tiles make up this handsome bouquet in a equally striking urn.

 flowers Haarlem

 Lunch flowers Haarlem

Flowers were everywhere at Restaurant ML, a Michelin one-star restaurant in Haarlem where we had a superb lunch, served in an array of wonderful handmade plates and bowls.  Not overly studied or arranged, these combinations of the same flowers change with the changing shapes of the blown glass vases.

 Botanical Tulip painting

A “Tulip Book” of paintings on vellum produced between 1640 and 1700.

 Tulip on a double tileA rare double tile of an entire tulip from 1630.  How similar and not the painting and the tile are.

 Rijks Museum Flowers

The Rijks Museum center information circle, much like the one at the Met in NYC, and surmounted by a huge bronze ceramic container full of strange bed-fellows – three colors of anthurium (ruby, bright red and jpale pink),  white and pink dogwood, red ginger, allium,  light and dark pink snapdragons, thistles, monkshood and monkey paws.


 Rijks Museum Flowers and frogAnyone who has ever had to design a Dutch style flower arrangement knows the oddities they will encounter – biggest most important blossoms at the top, all arranged with flowers out-of-season.  The poor dead frog reminds us that the flowers and we won’t last.

 Still life 1639

Out of season flowers are not unusual in this global market but in the 17C, painter would paint the flowers  into their compositions as they came into season, or have a sketch book full of flower studies to choose from.

 Teylers Museum

Two hundred years later, painters were still composing beautiful flower portraits.  This magnificent composition highlights mountain laurel, peonies, phlox, roses, stephanotis, delphinium and a magnificent blue-violet iris.



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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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