More Christmas memories…

 St_Paul's_Chestnut_Hill_PAI couldn’t let the holidays pass without some of the Christmas memories shared with flowerflinging.  Above is the altar at St. Paul’s, Chestnut Hill PA, filled with beautiful flowers, poinsettia plants and illuminated Christmas trees.

Christ Church Rye Christmas EveAt Christ Church, Rye, NY on Christmas Eve, the altar was glowing with tiny LED lights shimmering in graduated glass vases filled with green and red Obake anthurium.

Christ Church AltarThe vibrant green and red colors create a stunning, graceful curve between the wreaths.  I’m not sure why photography turns the lights (which are NOT BLUE) into a blue stream.  Suffice to say, in church they were lovely and tiny as they show on the end vases.

Christ Church detailIn this detail, you can see how beautifully constructed (and conceived) the whole scheme was.  Don’t’ you love the square wreaths used on the diagonal to punctuate each end of the curve?

St. Thomas Wyndmoor PAAt St. Thomas, Wyndmoor PA, wreaths and pew ends added to the gracious beauty of the holiday.  The Nominator reports: “we were under construction and didn’t know if the altar would still have plastic all over it so we decided to do pew ends to draw attention away from the altar.”

St. Thomas altar“Then, at the last minute (Christmas miracle!) we were able to un-tarp the rood screen and altar.  We ordered roses and lilies and the lilies didn’t come in so we doubled up on the roses.  I like the mix of orange and red and think the arrangements popped in our dark church.”

St Thomas pew endsThe pew ends were a true labor of Christmas love. Loving hands made 80 of the intricately woven leaves to complement the cluster of roses, berries and ferns!  Brava!  Thanks to everyone for sharing the inspiration.

 Eli's MarketplaceHere are two more secular photo memories to end and begin the year.  Above, Eli’s Marketplace in Manhattan on New Year’s Eve day – doesn’t this put you into the mood to party?  And of course, they can supply almost everything you could dream of to eat.  They do this every year and make everyone smile.  Eventually the sidewalk in front becomes plastered with ribbons and confetti as well.

New York street with a bare treeAnd finally this stopped me in my tracks on 79th Street on January 2nd!  What’s the story here?  Someone got a dud Christmas tree?  Or is it a tree from 2012?  How hot was that apartment?  As Cindy Adams says, only in New York, folks!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Leslie Purple says:

    Thanks Susan! xo

  2. Alexandra Donovan says:

    that sad tree! What happened indeed!?!

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