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GCA Zone IX Welcome

The Botanical Arts classes in the Little Rock Garden Club ZIX Flower Show were centered on the butterfly theme.  Botanical Arts classes are very popular in the Southern shows and a talented group of designers has emerged in Zone IX.

Hallucinate First

 Halluciante First key card

Class 2 Hallucinate – Iron butterfly – a psychedelic butterfly pin.  A beautifully crafted, multi-colored butterfly, maybe not as easily seen on the black background, was made from Photinia, Quercus rubra,  coriander and ivy.

 Hallucinate second

Hallucinate Second key card

Hallucinate  An imaginative use of the open space to create the form and volume of the butterfly wings.  The many colored beads were crafted from almond, lentil, peppercorn, mustard and Eucalyptus seeds.

Orante first

Ornate first key card

What schedule written for Botanical Jewelry is complete without some tiaras?  Ornate – a tiara inspired by a Monarch of your choice.  This Monarch-worthy creation turned fuzzy homely Dusty Miller into spun gold.

 Orante Second

Ornate Second key card

Also in Ornate – This Grace Kelly of tiaras in its pearly simplicity and elegance creates a very elegant mood.  Have you ever tried to match all those pods or spices as to the same size?  Not easy…..

 Hibernate First

Botanical Embellishment classes are just as it reads – something is embellished.  In this case,  Class 3 Hibernate – a butterfly house (supplied by the committee)  was mailed to the exhibitors.  This charming harlequin pattern was worked on all the side walls, using a pattern of dried pressed Aspidistra leaves with trimmings of steel grass and lentils.

 Hibernate first detail harliquin

 Hibernate  poppy detail


blog ix Hibernate key card first

Many material made the magic, but the dynamic color scheme created a winner.

Hibernate Second

Hibernate Seond side

 Hibernate Second key card

The key cards are fascinating – and a beautifully crafted one adds to the distinction of the entry.  This butterfly house was in a more naturalist color scheme and the fascination was in the use of the materials and their color and texture.



About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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