Migrate, Cultivate, Pollinate

GCA Zone IX Welcome

This week he Garden Club of Little Rock welcomed us to their Zone IX Zone Meeting and especially to their flower show – Migrate, Cultivate, Pollinate.  Who would not have been charmed by this assortment of welcoming butterflies perched on structure of bedsprings?!

Butterfly hallway

Archway WElcomeThis blooms and butterflies archway welcomed all the delegates, and then pivoted to become the welcome to the flower show.

Illustrate first

Illustrate Second

Strong, positive, action verbs created an imaginative flower show schedule to carry out the meeting theme.  This class was called Illustrate.  Designers were asked to interpret one of four selected butterfly illustrations using a modern mass design.  A Diana Fritillary Butterfly hovered below the first place design, top picture, while the stunning Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly was the inspiration for the second place winner.

Lineate First

Lineate SecondAbove, top, First and below, Second in Lineate, “an all green line design in honor of the caterpillar”.  The handsome design ( top) went on to win the GCA Sandra Baylor Novice Award.  At the back of the photographs more of the show is visible.

Hydrate BIS Munger


Hydrate – an Underwater design.   This first place winner used clematis and almonds (‘on-the-‘hoof” so to speak) in an unique combination both in and out of the container.   (The lopsided distortion purely the work of the photographer).  This design went on to win Best In Show and the GCA Dorothy Vietor Munger Award.


Hydrate Callas SansiverriaSecond in Hydrate was captured by this design including callas & Sansiverria.  I’ve amped up the brightness so the intricate nature of construction of the plant material in the bottom of the vase is more visible.

Congregate FirstCongregate – “a design using two or more containers – a flutter of butterflies.”  In this first place winner, groups of lime middolino sticks were clustered with the butterfly effect of tawny gold orchids and held in dynamic opposition on two plexiglass rod stands.

Congregate Third

In the same class Congregate, this third place winner added height to the pedestal with a base and another top.  Clustered callas and assorted caning twist and turn in the design.  Notice the billy balls on the end of each green grass blade.  Also notice two of the other entries in Hydrate.

Culminate Chrysalis orchids

The blue ribbon winner in Culminate – “a design employing creative techniques inspired by the metamorphosis of the butterfly”.  This ‘chrysalis’ is fashioned from Japanese washi paper, with vibrant purple orchids just emerging.


Second in Culminate, this exciting swirl of butterflies emerging from the cocoons of yarn wrapped and shaped on wire.  The Gloriosa lilies take flight out of the swirl.  This design won the GCA Harriet deWaele Puckett Creativity Award as well as the ZIX Madame Butterfly award for best interpretation of theme.  Congratulations to all the designers – many of whom were novices – Zone IX is well prepared for the future with this talent!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Clare Nelson says:

    This is the first I have seen of your blog and I hope to read more! Please include me in future posts.

    I enjoyed seeing you in both Memphis and Little Rock.

    Clare Nelson

    • Susan says:

      Hi Clare

      To receive it regularly by email, go to the website. On the right hand side there is a box for your email. Enter it. You will receive a confirmation email from “no reply @ wordpress .com – open it and click to confirm you want to receive the postings as emails. Thanks so much. Cheers, Susan

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