Midsummer Manhattan

 Hydrangeas say summerThis has been a lovely summer in Manhattan. So far, no real heat wave, and many temperate days that don’t stress the summer plantings. Hydrangeas always say summer as they do at this UES townhouse. UES is real estate speak for upper east side of Manhattan where many of the photos in this post were taken.

Blog NYC summer coleusMixed coleus varieties look lovely in the rich shade of this block. Notice that each tree down the block is planted the same way.

summer 79th street facadeA townhouse boasts planted stairs and perimeter walls. All sorts of annuals in many colors soften the grey stone façade. I’m sure they are happy with all the nighttime rains – less hand watering for someone.

blog NYC Frick lotusThis serene garden at the Frick Museum was designed by Russell Page. An elegant lotus bud rises above the pool.  This space is in the center of an architectural controversy as the Frick wants to demolish it and build a four story tower on the site.

 Frick Museum gardenAlthough not accessible to the public, the Frick’s private garden is one of the delights of the cityscape with something almost always in bloom. Michel Kimmelman, writing in today’s New York Times, hopes the New York Landmark Commission will turn the project down. Me, too!!

 Summer tower at Macy'sDown in Herald Square, towers of begonias line the sidewalk outside Macy’s front door.

 Summer cafe on BroadwayBeyond the sidewalk, on what was busy Broadway, a summer café looks invitingly at home. It is popular with the many tourists who long to sit down for awhile.

Summer planters and traffic barriersHandsome planters remind drivers to KEEP OUT!

 Summer Eli's plantsIt’s not too late to buy some flowers for your townhouse or terrace in the sky!

 Summer at the MetEven the Metropolitan Museum has gotten in a floriferous mood with these huge urns of foxtail lily, Eremurus robustus. Also called Desert Candle. it looks like those fireworks that open and then snake away. Rush in to the Met to see “Charles James: Beyond Fashion“ before it closes on August 10th. Magnificently designed and constructed clothes are paired with amazing technology which allows visitors to see all aspects of their construction and makes for a great show!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, I want to go to NYC !!!! Such gorgeous flowers !!

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