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Longwood GardensNo visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show is complete without a visit to Longwood Gardens, Kensett Square PA.  Winter or summer, it never fails to delight.

Longwood Gardens East ConservatoryThe Longwood Conservatories are the centerpiece when snow is on the ground as it was for my visit last weekend.  Inside the East Conservatory brilliant blue blossoms, hydrangeas and the spires of Plectranthus, ring the pool with its huge pots white and yellow orchids.

 Aloe capitataAlong the path, this Aloe capitata glows in the late afternoon sun.  This aloe is from Madagascar and is very beautiful when grown so well.  That’s what Longwood does best!

 Cordyline, Cineraria beddingLining the paths of the Conservatory alongside the Fern Floor are Begonia standards (I think, I couldn’t find a name) plus these deliciously colored Cordyline leaves with pinkish purple Cineraria. 

Dendrobium Orchid kioskAs befits the Orchid Show presently on view, this is one of a pair towering kiosks of Dendrobium orchids flanking the stone steps to the Fern Floor.  Each orchid is in its own pot slotted into the kiosk form.

Longwood Main ConservatoryPink and more pinks line the lawns and walkways of the Main Conservatory.

 Pink Lilies bedded outThe scent of hundreds of pink rubrum lilies drift in the air as you walk around.

 Winter Red-hot-PokerAlthough photographed in a different part of the greenhouses, you can see the spires of Red-hot Poker, Kniphofia, in the pink walkway plants as well. It acts as a color foil and a bold form among the more frilly pinks.

Longwood Main Conservatory side aisleIn the side aisles, pink takes a back seat to chartreuse greens in these Coleus standards.  Yellow and orange bedding lines the paths to the Children’s Garden.

Neoregalia Purple WaveThis attention-getter looks like it is bleeding purple, doesn’t it?  The center of the plant, Neoregalia ‘Purple Wave’, holds water above a cluster of small florets and gives this staining impression which extends often to drops of the same color on the leaves.

 Longwood East Conservatory poolsWalking back towards our original vantage, you can just see a hint of the brilliant blue flowers framed by these huge palms.  The sound of the cascading water soothes and quiets the sounds of the guests.  Of course, people will always throw coins in. What’s up with that?

Sunset Beyond the Fountain GardensWhile walking back to the Visitor’s Center, not to be out done by the glories inside, Mama Nature gives us a lovely sunset.  Magnificent Longwood never disappoints.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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