Look at me! White vases…

White ruffled mushroomsI’ve been having my Bill Cunningham moment. Everywhere I go I see stunning white containers. These curious ruffled platter-like containers are sold by Terrain, the uber-stylish home and garden stores from the folks at Anthropologie. There are only two of them right now, in Westport CT and Glens Mills, near Chadds Ford PA. They are a real destination store, worth a long drive, a day out – complete with delicious cafes. You’ll never leave empty-handed.

 Terrain mighty fern vasesYesterday, these striking fern vases caught my eye. Handsome texture and GESTURE….oh what could compete with that? It makes a good challenge to yourself – what would you put in there? I pictured an almost solid mound of color – any strong color that suits you – in a tight mound, hovering just as the container opens up, to set off those aggressive fern fronds.

 Container white dots San FranciscoThese containers in the San Francisco flower market are subtly textured with white on white dots in a barely raised pattern.

White Coral timmingsAt a florist shop in Memphis, these vases emulate crowds of coral from under the sea.   Notice how much ‘quieter’ the greenish taupe cousins are.

 Vase of romaine leavesHead of romaine leaves vaseSurely related to the ferns, these ‘Romaine’ leaf vases have such an inviting texture to them whether they are in a V-shape or a tall head of lettuce. Wouldn’t it be fun to put heads of romaine in them?

White coils pottery White wabi-sabiThese cache-pots at Terrain are particularly handsome plant containers with a lovely sense of being hand-made.  The one in the bottom photo has a serene sense of wabi sabi, the Japanese aesthetic of undeclared beauty.

 Mother of Pearl DiscsEven mother-of-pearl can get into the act with these glittering containers, housing a marvelous sedum that tries to hold its own with all the bling.

White Ribbon containerYup, that’s the flaw with white containers – they steal the show. Perhaps they are best left to stand and look marvelous, saying ‘look at me’.

White ribbon with blue flowersYou can try, but no matter how pretty the flowers, don’t you see the vase first?

White with many colorsMaybe it is best if the white vases are really little, too?


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Alexandra says:

    Beautiful! I love all these white vases

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