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"Logs" on 28th StreetBefore Thanksgiving, I read about a designer who took a hollowed-out log and filled it with flowers for his Christmas table. Well proportioned, hollowed-out logs being in short supply in my woods, I considered this ‘log’ at a wholesaler in NYC. I believe it is some kind of fungus, not a log at all, plus fairly expensive.

Log bark and loaf panBack in my woods there were a lot of pieces of bark with or without lichen and even bugs! Even if you don’t see them, the heat may wake them up. First remember to put the bark in a warmish, out of the way place to make sure it is bug-free. I chose pieces of bark and hot-glued them to a large aluminum foil loaf pan. Cutting out the sides allows me to place the plant material horizontally at the ends.

Log in warm nickle silverLast Christmas we did ‘Lichen Logs’ (‘Home for the Holidays” Archives, December 2012), so for this year I envisioned silvery logs. A nickel colored spray from the auto store helped me create a warm tone.

Log with cypress and OasisA piece of Oasis fits in the loaf pan. I put a little Press n Seal wrap around the bottom third of the Oasis to be certain of no water leaks.

Log  with rice flowersFor its first outing after Thanksgiving, the log was place on a silver runner. The plant materials were kept soft and serene: silver dollar seeded eucalyptus, brunia, holiday greenery including cypress, arborvitae plus new (to me) ‘rice flower’ – Pimelea brachyphylla.

Log Early holiday luncheon A week later at an early holiday luncheon, cheery, fragrant red freesia were added.

Log Christmas night with rosesChristmas Night everything was changed. The greenery is holly and seeded cypress with green hydrangeas and two sizes of red roses.

Susan DetjensToday, its for the birds!…adorable papier-mache birds from the MFA in Boston. The flowers are from the supermarket. White lilies, mums –green and white – with ferns, seeded eucalyptus and large leaf ruscus. Needless to say this container can go on and on in many colors with many flowers.


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Leslie Purple says:

    I’ll be copying this idea!!!

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