Lights, Camera, BLOOMing!

Philadelphia Flower Show Central MarqueeAt the Philadelphia Flower Show, Horticulture resides in the spacious Hamilton Horticourt, where all manner of horticulture, coddled and cosseted by their growers, is shown to great advantage.

 Horticourt Forced bulbsIn gravel areas, hundreds of forced bulbs vie for attention and the judges’ eyes. This post is for my loyal followers who are avid and skilled horticulturalists. I won’t even pretend to comment on the plants and hope my identifications are correct!!

 Horticourt Orchid AlleyRaised benches put the red-carpet worthy orchids at eye level, the better to lust over! Their Technicolor blossoms are an antidote to freezing weather. When this photograph was taken, it was blustery and snowing outside the show.

Lycopodium hanging basket LycopodiumHanging containerThese exuberant Lycopodium winners in the Hanging Containers Classes caught my eye. In a very Dr. Seuss-like way, they seem to defy gravity by not falling out of their baskets.

 Begonia 'Tiny Gem'Begonia ‘Tiny Gem’. Populist PHS doesn’t require botanical names for anything in the show. A missed educational opportunity for sure, in my humble opinion.

ColeusThe red velvet petals of a lovely, huge coleus, so compact and perfect!

NephrolepsisA red ribbon for Nephrolepsis cordifolia “Lemon Drop’.

 Stag horn fernThis staghorn fern won a blue ribbon. As you can see, the hanging plants are staged above the forced bulbs.

Horticourt Tillandsia BulbosaWe floral designers don’t often see Tillandsia in full bloom. What a marvelous plant – and actually identified on the entry card: Tillandsia bulbosa.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Alexandra says:

    I love the exploding Lycopodium!

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