Lights, Camera, BLOOM

Philadelphia Flower ShowLights, Camera, BLOOM, the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show filled the PA Convention Center from Feb 27 until closing today. All week visitors posed for photographs on the red carpet.

 Central MarqueeThe Central Feature brought back the grandeur of the 1930’s motion picture palaces that became America’s favorite entertainment. Nearby the seductive smell of popcorn vendors filled the air with long lines of salivating customers.

 Significant mass arrangementNever did I ever think I’d hear Ethel Merman singing at the flower show. Sound tracks from popular musicals filled the air and overhead klieg spotlights roamed the skies.

 Purple Central FeatureThe Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Production celebrating the Magic of the Movies Starring the World’s Leading Garden and Floral Designers, Special Appearances by the most Exciting Plants on the Planet…”

blog movie Inchscape Prince of Persia pavilionblog movies Persia cordylineAll the large gardens were inspired by movies. Inchscape from Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia, created this Persian Garden in homage to The Prince of Persia: the sands of time, centered on a lovely mogul pavilion reflected in a deep dark pool, surrounded by tropical plants.

Garden design for MulanOne can be perfectly ignorant of these movies as I am and still enjoy the beauty that was created. This Chinese garden had beautiful scholar’s rocks and this double moon gate view.

Maleficent ViewThis design by Kluge Landscape from South Africa was inspired by “Maleficent” and began the design idea “deep in the land of the moors where trees have a life of their own”. Again, clueless about the movie, I was nevertheless intrigued by the repetition of these elongated forms in the water feature and the ribbed structure.

Maleficent View FencingMaleficent” featured a novel, if slightly menacing, wood fence/edging that curved in and around, only halting for huge boulders before it began again.

 Into The Woods Garden Design Into the Woods weeping willow“Into the Woods” I do know, at least the Broadway version. Michael Petrie’s exciting interplay of dark and light caught the mood of these dark fairy tales.  Living trees and a forest of what looked like the longest rails from a fence created a dense wood that harbored all sorts of creepy things!!

 Shades of Noir GardenThe competitive garden entries had movie themes too. The Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation put together this marvelously tongue-in-cheek “Shades of Noir” movie garden, featuring a fascinating array of gray and dark-leaved plants. As the judges’ comment said “it was a dark and stormy night and Guy Noir would be right at home.”

 Rapunzel Rapunzel detailsDisney princesses were the subject of a fantastical walkway by the AIFD floral designers. Happily, my favorite, by the uber-talented Jane Godshalk AIFD, was the only princess I had ever heard of – our old friend, Rapunzel. Isn’t it great fun?


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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