Lighting the holidays…

Susan DetjensCandles make Christmas magical.  It is easy to create your own special candle holders to complete a special color scheme to suit a design for your home.  The first time I did this was a couple of years ago, so the technique isn’t ground breaking news.  Using a clean glass vase, a metallic mercury-glass-like effect can be made with only spray paint and some plastic wrap.

Christmas candle how-toThis glass is only 3” in diameter. I am using a mix of gold first, followed by copper for a more shimmery appearance.  Bunch up (technical term) the plastic wrap, spray with a little paint (hence the gloves) and quickly dab on the glass in a random manner. Repeat, repeat…. I leave a paint free band on the top that I can use to grasp the glass.  You want some overlapping blotches not smears so just tap the wrap against the glass.  Then spray on some clean areas of plastic wrap and tap again.

Christmas candle swirlWork around the glass and build up a mottled effect of color.   Standing in a copper tray, the candle looks more prominent in the photo than in reality.  Next I’ve used some 1” copper ‘wire’ ( in an S-swirl as a holder for two dark red ornaments.  The tops have been removed and water placed in the ornaments.  The swirl holds the ornaments raised up in the deep container and keeps them from tumbling over.  If you have a shallow tray and are putting water in the ornaments, use a narrower wire or just glue dots to hold the ornaments in place.

Susan DetjensLady S graciously and generously supplies me with a myriad of wonderful greens from her lovely gardens.  The tiny holly grows by her front door and blooms in the autumn, thus has few berries.  The beautifully yellow tipped – arborvitae – or at least arborvitae-looking, matches the flame of the candle.

Susan DetjensMix and match, use only gold, only silver, or other wonderful colors.

Susan DetjensPut anything with the candle.  Above different tray, more stuff, less greenery (probably too much less!)  Stand a Nutcracker next to the candle.  Use a long container and line them up down the table.  Anything goes!!



About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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3 Responses to Lighting the holidays…

  1. Ardith Pugh says:

    The candle project/arrangement is great for people who are afraid of arranging and/or crafting. I think it would make a great workshop project; usable for fall with pumpkins, nuts, etc in addition to Christmas.

    • Ardith Pugh says:

      The candle project/arrangement appears great for those afraid of arranging and/or crafting. Materials are readily available and it is neither involved nor terribly time consuming.

      I think it would be a great garden club workshop project. It could be used for afall arrangement with mini pumpkins, nuts, berries, etc.

      Clever as usual!

    • Susan says:

      Thank you. It could be adapted to all seasons. And ‘battery’ candles could be used to keep it safer. Cheers!

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