GCA Annual Meeting logoAll GCA eyes were on Rochester NY last week for the 102nd GCA Annual Meeting. Kaleidosocpe: A New York State of Mind was the theme of the meeting, attended by over 600 members of clubs across the US plus honored guests and speakers.

KaleidoscopeWith such a striking logo, the work of the meeting’s talented graphic artist, Kaleidoscopes were sure to be out in force.

Kaleidoscope with pink and orangeThe Annual Meeting Decorations Committee commissioned Kaleidoscopes from the most creative floral designers. This hot pink and orange kaleidoscope had a echo of the wind mills that still dot the farms in upstate New York.

Sunflower KaleidoscopeA cluster of sunflowers made the smiling face of this kaleidoscope, made as many were, on a hula hoop.

 Kaleidoscope with sunflowers detailsThis close-up shows the attention to detail with the finely woven web of bright chartreuse wire and wool leaves and ‘stem’ like drape.

 Kaleidoscope with arrowsBeautifully painted and trimmed palm leaves pierced the circular structure wound with colored yarn in an almost-Mondrian like pattern.

Kaleidoscope of many colorsNot all the designers worked in a circular form. This designer used circles of color within circles, adding brightly primary colored stones and elegant orchids.

 Kaleidoscope with AlliumsThe intense textural forms of dried Allium stalks fizzed and looped in their bright colors over the black base.

 Kaldeidoscope with weavingPetal forms and billy balls (Crespedia) floated through the intricate weaving of the many colored yards creating a most arresting textural density.

 Kaleidoscope with dried leavesSheaves of wheat and other dried flower clusters were some of the components of this complex, almost Persian, design.  The asymmetrical curly willow adds a jolt of energy to the kaleidoscope.

AM RRCC hallThe meeting was held under the banners in the meeting rooms of the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. My heartfelt thanks and congratulations to our three indefatigable Chairman who put on a great event!!


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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4 Responses to Kaleidoscope

  1. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    I loved this part of the show…such creative ideas !

  2. suzy spencer says:

    Was so glad to get this. The designs were absolutely gorgeous as well as interesting and creative and I am so glad to have a “keepsake”of our glorious time here in Rochester.

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