Kaleidoscope…the how to…

Kaleidosocpe LogoIn an earlier post, Kaleidoscopes took center stage. This kaleidoscope was the inspiration for them all. For the end wall of the flower show room, I thought it might be fun to have a kaleidoscope too.

Kaleidoscope pipe circleFirst find your circle! Easier said than done. PVC was on my mind – think large hula hoop – as I wanted a 4’ diameter. Unfortunately hula hoops don’t come that big. On youtube there are several ways to heat and bend PVC.  However in my basement were two hollow pipe/poles that came inside a shipment of rugs which turned out to be fairly easy to bend slightly with just a little pressure.

 wagon wheel rim templatekaleidoscope zip ties templateOn the wall of our porch is a iron wheel rim.  The poles cable-tied with the sunshine warm them up to relax into the shape. After three days (and no more sunshine or even warmth) I removed them from the ‘form’. Online there are formulas for the circumferences of circles (faster than pi).

 Kaleidoscope couplingReducing the length of each pole to a half circle measurement , they were linked together with a double coupler used for PVC pipes and these outside whatzits (technical term).

Plastic mesh fencing on Kaleidoscopemesh and purple ribbonOK, I know it made a rather misshapen circle, but I went with it and on it, stretched old plastic fence mesh like a drum. Once the center was marked with tape, it was really obvious how out of sync the shape of the circle was.  Following a quick sketch of a pattern of symmetrical shapes, ribbons were woven to complete the design.

 Kal eidoscope purple and red Kaleidoscope with yellowkaleidoscope RRCCGradually other colored ribbons were added, leaving the center open for fresh flowers.

 Kaleidoscope in the flower showAnthuriums (www.greenpointnurseries.com) from Hawaii were so huge and gorgeous that I added more and more, overlapping the yellow and blue center. It made a nice punctuation on the end wall of the flower show.


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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