Kaleidoscope…the botanical arts

Kaleidoscope the flower showKaleidoscope, the flower show, had three Botanical Arts classes. These classes contain “exhibits related to floral design or horticulture, involving a particular kind of skilled craftsmanship using all dried plant material as well as excellence in design”. Excellence is achieved with keen eyesight, endless patience and fine motor skills!

BA key card class 1AM FS BA Best In ShowThe necklaces in Multifacted were staged on black velvet jeweler’s stands against a black background, perfectly suited to make the bling, bling!!!  Best in Show Botanical Arts and winner of Multifaceted, was this handsome pendant necklace made from mustard, cantaloupe, pumpkin and acorn squash seeds.

AM FS BA Multifacted Necklace SecondSecond place in Multifaceted went to this complex design made from only three materials; reed, juniper berry and lily grass (Lirope).

AM FS BA Creativity AwardThe GCA Botanical Arts Creativity Award was captured by this third place winner with luminescent jewel tones. The judges said: “The essence of the abstract is distilled into pure art.”

AM FS BA Multifacted Necklace HMJewel tones were also glowing in this Honorable Mention winner with its kaleidoscopic patterns made from almost a dozen different materials.

AM FS BA Dazzling Pin FirstAnother Botanical Arts class was called, Dazzling, a brooch inspired by a kaleidoscopic image. First place was awarded to this lovely design of exquisite craftsmanship and lyrical color harmony.

BA Key card class 2The key card shows the number of materials used to create these forms, including tiny mustard seeds, raffia and green peppercorns. You don’t know what patience is, until you’ve tried to paint a mustard seed.

AM FS BA Dazzling Pin SecondSecond in Dazzling honored the striking kaleidoscopic color of this brooch made from mustard seeds, macadamia nuts, black-eyed Susan, pine needles, split peas and tulip poplar petals.

AM FS BA Kaleidoscope FirstUnadorned 7” black kaleidoscopes were sent to the exhibitors registered in Kaleidoscope, an embellishment class. Designers could transform them as little or as much as they wished. This brilliant red kaleidoscope won the class.

AM FS BA Kaleidoscope SecondA subtle palette was chosen by the designer of the second place award, cited for its beautifully executed flowers. Congratulations to all the exhibitors in the classes.







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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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