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It has been an extremely delightful holiday here in the Berkshires, .  With Christmas and New Year’s days falling on Tuesdays, weekends are free for all manner of festivities.  We are not daunted by the beautiful but pesky snows that fell Boxing Day and yesterday.

For the last post of 2012, I am highlighting elaborate and simple ideas for the table.  How festive is this, and barely a flower in sight!  A ‘bundt cake’ of red, white, and green yarns is loaded up with lady apples and cranberries.  Lily grass and a white orchid give a pop and depth.

An ornamental birdcage is the focal point of this table with cardinals on a red branch outside and caged ornaments and plants within.

This stunning table was designed by Life3 star, Tomas deBruyne.  The upright pieces are made of slate (exhaustingly hand cut by an indefatigable volunteer) with tubes between for the gloriosa lilies and holly.

As dramatic and gorgeous as those designs are, most of us will opt for more simple designs…..easier to fix, pretty to see.  This is an old baby chick feeder.  The middle bar swings and can be removed.  For a holiday lunch before Christmas, amaryllis, pine and cranberries as ‘mulch’.  As amaryllis with their hollow stems are not happy in Oasis, they are placed in individual pin holders with water cups.

For a dinner party, the arrangement is made longer with silver mitsumata sticks wired to the middle bar.  Bling is added in the form of quarter-inch Oasis silver wire looped through the whole design. Tiny silver ornaments and stars reflect the candlelight beautifully.

The closer it is to New Year’s Eve, the more ready I am to say goodbye to the red and green and opt for a more sophisticated color scheme. White, purple and green looks bright and fresh.

The bar has been removed from the feeder and replaced with a line of the purple and white callas called “Vermeer”.  Two bunches of dark Moonglow carnations (bred this way, not dyed) almost fill the trough.  The pine finishes it off, hiding any gaps and adds an interesting texture.

For the BEST table design treat, go to YouTube by clicking on the link below.  McQueen’s florist in London creates a sumptuous table for a private dinner at the Connaught Hotel.  I am already planning my guest list!!

If it doesn’t work, google McQueens table Connaught Hotel.  It is fantastic!  ENJOY!

Happy New Year!

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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Lisa Gerard says:

    If only we could have THAT many flowers!
    Happy New Year and keep on writing.
    Xo Lis

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