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Susan DetjensHoliday lunch is a great way to entertain here in the Berkshires or anywhere.  More relaxed and less work than dinner. The inspiration for this luncheon centerpiece was loosely (very) based on a design in an advertisement for Oasis that featured red mitsumata sticks.

 Cornus and containerLeftover from the FASG Boston Flower Party, this crop of Cornus sericea (red-twig dogwood) was at hand to present an alternative look to the mitsumata.  Sort the sticks first, using ones that naturally curve a little, and remove any side branches.

Lunch mechanics

Try to use mostly very slender, pliable bunches, and alternate the branch tips between the left and right sides of the container so no one end has only tips or larger ends. This container is fairly long – 24″.  I sorted them into two bunches that were large enough to conceal the container.  The Oasis in the advertisement has the brick with a plastic bottom and is nowhere as long.   Gather each bundle of the sticks first, tying off with wire in the center of each side.

 cornus capturedAn extra pair of hands to hold the gathered sticks helps here.  Notice the Cornus overlaps the edges of the container slightly.

Holiday lunch hemp twineOnce the Cornus are wired securely (two ends and both middles), cover the wires with a wide wrap of hemp twine.  This red is from a set of of spools of many colors from Nutscene.


I chose this artificially colored Grevillia because it is the exact color of my table napkins.  This variety comes to the US from Israel.

 Callas and trachelium

Continue with long white mini CallasTrachelium, lily turf grass and some Galax leaves tucked in to hide the Oasis.

 Holiday LUnch Down the table

Take time to enjoy your holiday!


About Susan

Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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