Hat’s Off!!

Philadelphia Flower Show Central MarqueeGolden Age movie stars, Esther Williams, Audrey Hepburn, Carmen Miranda, Josephine Baker and Lauren Bacall, had their red-carpet moment in the HAT Classes at the Philadelphia Flower Show. These classes in a circular space called Quadrant have become increasingly popular with exhibitors and the public.

c Martha McClellan

c Martha McClellan

Movie fans of a certain age will remember Esther Williams, who swam her way through more than half of each movie she made. Did they have any plots? This delightful design reminded us of her very stylish swimming caps.

c Ellen Avellino

c Ellen Avellino

c Martha McClellan

c Martha McClellan

Audrey Hepburn inspired three hat designs.  It helped that she could wear anything and make it chic.  Top, Audrey, perhaps, in My Fair Lady?  Second, a tour-de-force of dried pineapple creates a 1960’s saucer hat for Audrey.

c Martha McClellan

c Martha McClellan

The meticulous details of Audrey’s hat fashioned a winner! The third Audrey hat, a pillbox, was entered on the last Friday but I didn’t get a photo of it.

 Buster KeatonEven the gents were remembered with this charming tribute to Buster Keaton. Note the unrolling celluloid film as the ornament!

 Lauren BacallLauren Bacall was remembered with gerberas, protea, baby’s breath, begonia, statice, wheat and birch.

Lucille BallOoo-la-la!   An uber-chic Lucille Ball constructed from manipulated variegated aspidistra with vibrant calla lilies and freesia. Are you jealous, Ethel?

 Carmen MirandaWhen was the last time you saw these gorgeous Catteleya orchids which used to be THE corsage of the Helen Hokinson set? Combined with ferns and cymbidium orchids, they shouted Tropicana!!

CherGosh, who was this? …the incomparable Cher, of course. Hundreds of lily turf grass, inserted in tiny groups, were contained by a barely visible bandeau of prayer plant leaves.

Marlene Dietrich Josephine BakerTwo beautifully made hats for two icons.  Top, a pink close-fitting design for Marlene Dietrich.   Botton, not placed in the Quadrant yet, this painstaking tribute to the chic Josephine Baker was created on a tissue-paper cloche substrate. Next to this on the worktable was a huge bag of more hydrangea florets ready to go to the rescue of any missing ones.

 Carmen Miranda on FirdayWho can resist Carmen Miranda as the wearer of the most outlandish and delightful hats? Best Hat of the Week winner, and Friday’s entry, this Carmen makes you hear the music!! Congratulations to all for a wonderful red-carpet!!


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6 Responses to Hat’s Off!!

  1. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    They were all ooo-la-la winners !!!

  2. Linda Winn says:

    Love these hats! They are so clever and beautiful!!!

  3. Emily Thom says:

    The Carmen Miranda is just my style! Thanks, Ethel

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