Grand Vistas

Newport Flower SHow Garden trainRosecliff, seen here in a miniature crafted from organic materials, was the setting this weekend for the 19th Newport Flower Show. Journey: Grand Vistas was the evocative show title and theme for the many classes in all divisions.

Rosecliff towards the seaThe vista from the terrace at Rosecliff towards the sea is enlivened by the jaunty tents of the many elegant vendors in the Oceanside Boutiques, selling clothing, hats, prints, gifts, garden ornaments, jewelry and more, all to the accompaniment of a Lester Lanin-like orchestra, shaded by its own tent.

Newport Flower Show  horticultureOn the marble terrace itself, under a luxuriant awning, myriad rows of exquisite summer blooming horticulture tempted visitors and challenged judges.

"First Class" two mass arrangementsAll the Floral Design class titles reflected the travel of a bygone era that, in the words of Patricia Fernandez, Show Chairman, “ a style so luxurious it can only be imagined today”. The titans of the summer cottages also built the infrastructure that changed American industry.

"First Class" Rosecliff pianoFirst Class”, four entries above and below, was staged around the elegant fireplace and piano of Rosecliff. “First Class travel meant that all the luxuries of the best salons in the world were available during the travel at sea or on the rails”.

"First Class" mass arrangementThese four sumptuous lush arrangements embody this ideal.  The trickiest part was photographing them without appearing in the pedestal mirror!

"Captain's Table" First PlaceCaptain’s Table”. The Captain of an ocean liner in the 1900s was considered a prominent social figure. An invitation to dine was at his table was a privilege…” This striking staging of a mirrored centerpiece (maybe 18” H and close to 30” long) and a riser challenged the designers with its many reflections. Needless to say the simplest designs came off the best.

"Porthole" Tahiti“Porthole View”. The first view many travelers had were from portholes…”This designer saw Tahiti from her porthole. The portholes were 12” in diameter.

"Picture Postcards" first“Picture Postcards”. “As travel become more accessible, the popularity of postcards exploded… Postcards were assigned on a first come basis. This is the first place winner of the class, a sinuous curve of flowery tracks.

"Picture Postcards" second VeniceA postcard from Venice is the inspiration of the color scheme of this beautifully conceived design which appears to float between the pilings. More Grand Vistas next time!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Alexandra says:

    Beautiful! Looks very bright and summery. I love the porthole of Tahiti and opening shot of Rosecliff – excellent!

  2. betsy shequine says:

    somehow, when I got a new iPad I lost Flower-Flinging. Thanks for your email which reminded me to bring it back!!

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