Grand Vistas part two

Newport Flower ShowThe gorgeous weather today in the Berkshires is exactly like that of opening day of the Newport Flower Show on June 27th. We are exploring more of Journey with highlighted designs that lit up the show.

"Travel TRinkets" First place“Travel Trinkets” were staged in a 12” cubic niche with a 9.5” circular opening. Souvenirs have long been the way travelers chose to bring home a piece of their travels. Memories are manifested in the small treasures which make the return journey and remain to decorate the traveler’s mind and home. Textural treasures enliven this intricate design which also won the NFS’s Niche Award, given for the most creative niche.

hanging design Novice Award“Upper Berth” called for a hanging design staged from a central hook. What you can’t see is that the ‘roof’ over the staging is curved like a train’s. Metallic fabric lines the back. Train travel presented many new experiences….upper and lower berths.” This first place design was created by a Novice and also won the NFD Novice Award.

 "Iron Will" first placeBenefiting from the back of the staging of the hanging design, “Iron Will” called for a contemporary design again a 4’ X 8’ panel of the metallic fabric. This dramatic design with the curvilinear track won first place.

"Iron will" Second placeNewport fortunes were made from coal used to forge iron and steel which laid the foundation of the Transcontinental Railroad. So reads the caption in the “Iron Will” class which this second place designer captured so brilliantly. What is hard to see is that the lower metal strips are embossed with railroads and tracks.

"Train Trestles" First place“Train Trestles” was a very imaginative class calling for a ‘two part design’ using two pedestals, 42” and 38” high.   You can see the ribbon for this class winner, which used painted frames and curly willow or mitsumata with monsterra leaves.

"Train trestles" third placeFor the same class, The Editor created this graceful, flowing design over two pedestals using a variety of glass cylinders to support the colorful tropical plant material.

"Train Trestles" yellow callasBright yellow calla lilies contrast with the dramatic densely manipulated equisetum which snakes across the containers as the schedule caption reads: Originally made of wood, the train trestle was vulnerable to both the elements and fire. As iron become more available, trains could travel further and conquer greater natural barriers such as water and mountains.

"Bon Voyage" challenge class componentsAppropriately, “Bon Voyage” was the title of the Judges Invitational Challenge Class. Each exhibitor had the same vertical structure and received the same materials as shown in this rather chaste set-up which hardly conveys the amount of colorful, imaginative materials.

"Bon Voyage"Bon VoyageBon Voyage"Bon Voyage"Every journey starts with a wistful farewell mixed with the excitement of an adventure. The judges invited to this class shared a great adventure.

Eli's July Fourth cooklesHappy holiday weekend. I hope your summer journeys are GRAND!


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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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  1. Sylvia Abbott says:

    What a fabulous show! Thank you Susan, for a great blog!

  2. Sarah Ribeiro says:

    Another great Newport Flower Show and so much fun to see it up on the web and to read Susan’s comments.

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