Friendship and flowers….

Susan DetjensI am constantly reminded of the friendships that are fostered over the love of flowers. They often go hand and hand, like a devoted couple. Lady S and her husband, Mr. GCA , are dear friends in Litchfield County, just over the state line in Connecticut. This time of year their gardens are brimming with beautiful flowers, some of which, I was lucky enough to bring home last week.

Susan DetjensDriving home with such divine flowers (in a pitcher held with the seat belt), I began thinking of containers, eh voila – the germ of this post was born. The DIY container makers out there might recognize the containers I have used to show off the beautiful blooms. First is from “Barking up the….Vase “ (Archives, January 2014). Huge trusses of lush pink Rhododendron, make a feminine ying to the yang of the rough bark container.

Susan DetjensAn more sophisticated Armani-like scheme of rather peach colored peonies, fully blown, nestle in the gray birch bark decorated container from the same post. Those paying attention – you know who you are — will notice in other photos that the peonies were a vibrant coral color. As they age, they fade to this sophisticated tone (okay I won’t go there)….rather romantic.

Susan DetjensIn “Plastered… “ (Archives, February 2014) balloons were involved, and harmed, in the creation of these gilt containers. Each one is just the right size to show off the huge blown peonies. Celestial blue iris marries well with Allium nectaroscordum in the central container.

Susan DetjensFor “Happy Birthday Blue & White, (Archives, February 2014)  the celebratory container was created out of the shop’s crisp blue and white calendar pages. In this photograph, you can clearly see the lovely shades of peonies. Several days later, the coral ones faded to the pretty shades of those in the gray container.

Susan DetjensSusan DetjensIn April I had great fun creating this spiral container using a handsome selection of artist’s papers (see “Curling Up “, Archives May 2014). This container is a natural to showcase such a wide variety of June blooms in such arresting colors.

Susan DetjensWhen Armageddon is imminent, I’m heading to their house. Other than missing a cow or a goat, they are completely, delightfully self-sufficient. All the beautiful flowers one could think of, vegetables, bees, ducks, chickens, a stream for fish and a wandering deer would keep us all happy, especially with Mr. GCA’s eau-de-vie!!   Thanks, Lady S!!!




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Susan Detjens is a former landscape painter, she lectures, demonstrates and runs workshops on floral design for museums, horticultural organizations and garden clubs across the US.
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